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Mobile Patrol Company


Searching for reliable mobile patrol security services?

As an industry leading Mobile Patrol company, we know how important mobile patrol security services are to businesses. We help to give peace of mind to business in every industry, who worry about their security. To ensure your organisation’s safeguarded, we will supply mobile patrol security guards that are allocated specifically to your required role. 

Experienced, SIA licensed security officers in distinctive Region Security Guarding vehicles will patrol your premises throughout the day and night. Mobile security patrols are carried out at random times so as not to set up a noticeable pattern. High-profile warning boards will be provided to customers using this service. Regular checks from a mobile patrol will also significantly reduce threats from fire, flood, and vandalism. Whether you require one visit per night or many, we will provide mobile security patrol solutions to meet your needs.

With over 10 years of experience in the security industry, Region Security has extensive experience when it comes to exceptional security. If you’re looking for a motivated, reliable, and passionate company, look no further. Region Security Guarding can provide cost effective services and attend to your last minute needs.

How we can help you

We recognise that visibility is paramount. So, when our mobile security supervisor arrives on-site each day they’ll be fully uniformed and in marked patrol vehicles. We can cover open areas like schools and parks and areas with a restricted line of vision such as warehouses and shipping yards. As well as those too dangerous to monitor on foot. No task is too much for Region Security Guarding. This flexibility and tailored services mean we can deliver the best possible protection for your business. In addition, we offer a price match guarantee. Therefore, we will match or beat any competitors price. So you can know that you are getting the best security services at the best prices.  

If you are interested in securing one or multiple of your premises, get in touch today. Get your FREE, no-obligation quote for our Mobile Patrol units. After all, protecting your business is our business.

mobile patrol security
mobile patrol security services

Advantages of Mobile Patrol security

Mobile security Patrols are some of the most effective forms of security available. Alarms and security cameras are often not enough for you to feel as if your premises are completely secure from intruders. 

Mobile security patrols are specialised in monitoring areas which require a rigorous inspection. Having a guard able to patrol a large area in a short amount of time guarantees you the ability to keep your entire premises safe and secure.

On top of this, it is shown that having a marked vehicle patrolling your area is proven to dramatically reduce crime, as it works as a very good visual deterrent to criminals. Criminals are much less likely to strike your business if there are visible security guards and mobile patrol units monitoring the area.


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Benefits of having a mobile patrol secrity services

Mobile Patrol units come with an array of advantages, such as:


  • Can be done at any time, whether it is day or night.
  • Mobile Patrol visits can be a deterrent, no one will approach the premises if they notice it is being monitored regularly.
  • Provide a cost-effective way of keeping your business safe.
  • Gives you and your employees peace of mind, so they can feel safe at work knowing they are secure.

Our Mobile Patrol units can monitor busy areas like schools and parks, locations with a restricted line of vision such as warehouses and shipping yards, and areas that are too dangerous to monitor on foot, because no task is too much for Region Security Guarding.

This flexibility and our excellent line of expertise mean we can deliver planned services so you can tailor your mobile security package to suit the exact needs of your business.

The presence of a security guard produces a much safer and secure environment for everyone. Consequently, staff often feel a lot safer in the work environment, knowing there are fully trained and experienced security staff nearby.

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What is mobile patrolling?

Mobile patrolling, or mobile patrol security services, is the process of having a security guard monitor and patrol a site or area at certain times. They often patrol in marked vehicles. 

The purpose of this is not only to check up on an area or building to see that it is safe and secure but also to act as a deterrent to criminals. Crime is less likely to occur if an area is visibly being protected by security guards and mobile patrol security services.

What are the different types of mobile patrol services?

There are two main types of mobile patrol security services; foot patrolling and vehicle patrolling. As the name implies, foot patrolling is done on foot, with security guards patrolling an area by walking around it.

Vehicle patrols, however, are done in security vehicles. security guards patrol an area in a car, allowing them to be more visible and to cover a larger area. We provide both services here at Region Security Guarding. 

Why do I need mobile patrol security services?

Mobile patrols are very effective ways of not only detecting crime but also deterring criminals. marked patrol cars are used to show that a sit or area is being protected. Random patrolling will also ensure criminals cant detect a pattern and use this as a weakness.


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