Mobile Patrol Security 101- What Is Mobile Patrol Security?

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12th May 2021

what is mobile patrol security?

Mobile Patrol Security is important for any business to have as it is a great way to protect your business.

But what is Mobile Patrol Security?

In this article, we will provide a guide all about mobile security and we will explore the relationship between Security Guards and Mobile Patrolling.

What Is Mobile Patrol Security?

Mobile Patrol Security involves Mobile Security Guards that a security company provides to keep your premises safe.

They move around your property instead of staying in one position (this is classified as Static Security Guarding) and are typically in a vehicle such as a car if the property or site is particularly large, ensuring that your perimeter is secure and will investigate anything suspicious during their shift.

Mobile security is seen as more effective than security officers that stay in one place as it gives a better overview of the premises, which is particularly important overnight when your business is empty and more likely to be a target to criminals.

Mobile security can act in coordination with other security measures such as CCTV to further secure a property.

CCTV can help alert mobile patrols of any suspicious activities so that they can then go and investigate further to ensure that your business is protected.

What Is A Mobile Patrol Officer?

A Mobile Patrol Security officer is a Security Guard that works within mobile security and they do multiple patrols around a property.

Their main role will be to provide protection and deter any potential crimes such as thieves.

Depending on your business’s individual needs, a mobile patrol officer can work well either independently or as part of a larger team.

mobile patrol security officer

How Does Mobile Security Work?

If you are looking to obtain Mobile Security and Mobile Security officers for your premises, security companies can work with you to keep your business safe.

The cost and scope of Mobile Security will depend on your individual needs.

As part of the process, security companies will come out to your property, and work with you to determine the frequency that you would like to be patrolled, the number of patrol officers that you require, and any other security measures that you wish to use to reduce the risk of damage to your business.

Once this has been established, Mobile Security officers can patrol at regular intervals giving you peace of mind.

As mentioned above, they can coordinate with other security measures such as CCTV, which can alert mobile patrols of any suspicious activities.

Mobile patrols can also provide a detailed report to business owners of the times that the patrols took place and any issues that they identified.

Mobile security patrols can also utilise random and pre-scheduled checks as this makes their patrols unpredictable, further putting off potential criminals.

Why Do I Need Mobile Security?

One of the significant advantages of mobile security is that they can move around to different parts of your property or between multiple properties that you have, allowing them to monitor buildings more carefully than static security officers.

Mobile security officers are also more visible and come uniformed and in marked patrol cars.

Security companies can also provide signage for your businesses with their company name on them that are highly visible.

This means that any criminals that are considering targeting your business are well aware that it is protected and they may be put off attempting to enter your premises.

Security staff, such as SIA licensed guards, are well trained and can respond to a number of different situations – giving you peace of mind and saving you money in the long term.

Although mobile security is an investment, the amount you may have to pay to repair damage to your property or to replace stolen products may be much higher.

mobile patrol security officer

How Much Does A Security Patrol Cost?

The cost of mobile security patrols is entirely dependent on your business’s needs.

Security companies can work with a variety of different budgets. Patrol services are already more budget-friendly than permanent manned guards, and the cost can be altered depending on how often you require the patrols to check in on your property.

The cost is also dependent on the area that you wish to be covered – larger areas take more time and will therefore cost more.

What Are the Two Types of Security Patrol?

Depending on the size and location of the property that you would like to be patrolled, there are different ways that patrol officers can monitor your surroundings.

Firstly, there are patrols in marked security vehicles. This is great as the marked vehicles create a presence at your business, which can potentially deter criminals from entering or targeting your property.

For this to happen, there needs to be adequate road access. This is also a great option for a business that requires multiple sites to be checked.

Alternatively, security officers can check your site by foot, allowing them to access areas that vehicles are unable to reach. They can still wear a uniform which can deter criminals as they will recognise that your business is protected. Security officers on foot can also complete interior patrols if they have keys and access to your property.

This will allow them to ensure that there are no intruders, that your security systems are maintained, and that there are no hazards to your company.

how does mobile security work?

How Often Should A Security Officer Do Patrols?

Sadly, there is not a specific answer to this question, as it will depend on many factors such as the type of property a mobile patrol security guard is patrolling and the location that the property is in.

Some security companies will suggest that guards do routine patrols every hour while others will suggest every few hours.

When you are looking to get mobile patrol security guard services it is essential that you ask for advice from security companies about how often their officers do patrols. 

Each security company will be different but most will tailor their services so that they suit your individual needs

Why Do Mobile Security Guards Use Vehicles?

One of the biggest reasons why mobile patrol security may decide to use vehicles like cars or motorbikes is because it helps them cover more ground of a premise.

Guards may also use cars because they can act as visual deterrents against thieves. Most vehicles from security firms will be branded, and this can often scare criminals away.

Another reason why mobile guards may decide to use vehicles is because it allows them to respond to security incidents more quickly.


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