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Popular Services

We provide a range of security services to businesses up and down the UK. We specialise in providing security guard cover across all industries to protect businesses from criminal behaviour such as theft, vandalism and breaking and entering.

Get in touch with us today if you are worried about a security concern threatening your business. All of our services are tailored to each individual client, to ensure you are getting the best protection for your business.

Security Guards

SIA trained and licensed security guards dedicated to protecting your business. Our security guard services can be completely tailored to you in order to give you the best protection, wherever you need a guard.

Static Guarding
Static Guarding

Security Services

Supplying static security guards where you need them most in your business, whether it be door supervision on CCTV monitoring

Mobile Patrol
Mobile Patrol

Security Services

Security guards patrolling your site can ensure its safety, at irregular times to avoid predictability of patrols

CCTV Monitoring
CCTV Monitoring

Security Services

Have a trained and licensed eye watching over your site at all times with our CCTV monitoring services

Guard Tracking
Guard Tracking

Security Services

Have peace of mind knowing your site is protected with our guard tracking services, enabling you to track guard movement


Security Services

Protect your construction site with trained and licensed security guards patrolling, monitoring and watching over your business

Reception & Building
Reception & Building

Security Services

Get security officers to protect your businesses building and reception areas, with customer service experienced guards


Security Services

Protect your warehouse and site with trained security professionals patrolling, monitoring and securing your site

Retail Security
Retail Security

Security Services

Keep stock on shelves rather than in pockets with our trained security guard experts monitoring and observing your store

Event Security
Event Security

Security Services

Keep guests and staff safe during special events with our event security guards trained and licensed for every situation

Vacant Property
Vacant Property

Security Services

Our vacant property security services will ensure your empty properties are fully safe and protected when left vulnerable

Dog Handling
Dog Handling

Security Services

Add extra protection to your business with our security dog handling services, providing a great deterrent for sites

Student Accommodation
Student Accommodation

Security Services

Protect your student accommodation business with our licensed and trained guards, offering static and mobile services


key holding

Key Holding

Locking and unlocking businesses for maximum protection

store detectives

Store Detectives

Deterring and detecting in store theft and criminal behaviour


COVID Guards

Helping business with COVID safety procedures


Gatehouse Security

Access control security for your business and site


Business park Security

Ensuring your site is safe at all times, day or night


Corporate Security

Protect your business with corporate security guard services


Factory Security

Secure your factory from crimal damge, theft or vandalism


Office Security

Protect your staff, building and equipment with office guards


Concierge Security

Customer service trained and friendly security officers


Door Supervision

Control access to your business with door supervision services

Car park security

Car park Security

Protect your car park business with security guard services


Healthcare Security

Security guards specialising in healthcare business’ security


Holiday Park Security

Keep your site and guests safe with holiday park guards

Logistics security

Logistics Security

Logistics security keeps your site, goods and personnel safe


Public Sector Security

Protect your public sector business with our security officers


Power & Utilities

Keep your business running with power & utilities security guards


University Security

Security guards trained to protect your university site and students


Jewellers Security

Protect you valuable assets with jewellers security services


Leisure Services

Leisure security keeps both your business and the public safe


Airport Security

Secure your airport with trained & licensed security officers