Mobile Patrol Security Vs Static Guarding Security

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14th July 2021

Mobile Patrol Security Vs Static Guarding Security

Making important decisions to try and protect your business can be tricky. Having security guards to monitor your premises is an obvious choice, but what is the difference between mobile patrol security and static security guards? And, which of these choices is best for your business? At Region Security Guarding, we are experts within the security field, protecting businesses across the UK. To help you make this decision, take a look at our simple guide to security guards.

Static Security Guards

Security guards who work in static security guarding are most commonly used for event spaces and retail premises. Static security guards are always positioned in a similar space, for example, at a shop exit. Research has shown that this is extremely effective, as potential criminals who see a permanent security guard are more likely to be deterred from committing a crime. This is because they believe that they are more likely to get caught.

If you are looking for a security guard for a large event, then static security guards will be a great addition to your security plan, as they can help guard entrances and exits, ensuring that only those invited are able to enter. This reduces the likelihood of issues during your event.

Additionally, static security guards give shoppers and even goers an added peace of mind that they are protected and safe from harm, meaning they are more likely to stay at your location. Static security guards can also be placed beside specific people, objects, or assets that you are wanting to protect for that extra level of security.

Which Type Of Security Guard To Choose

Mobile Security Guards

While static security guards stay around the same position, mobile security guards are able to walk and move around your whole premises to monitor for potential dangers or suspicious behaviour that may cause harm to your business. Mobile security officers are often used in businesses covering a large area, such as storage warehouses or large office buildings, and are extremely effective out of hours when the premises are empty. This is because the buildings are more likely to be targeted at night, and if there are frequent mobile security patrols in full uniform or in marked cars, it can act as a deterrent.

Exterior patrols in cars or bikes can inspect the perimeter of your building, while mobile security guards on foot can walk around the building, making sure that it is secure. Patrols are often done randomly, with no real pattern, so that any criminals targeting the business cannot predict when they will arrive.

Mobile security guards can be used in conjunction with other security methods such as CCTV or guard dogs. CCTV is great, and many identify illegal behaviour, but it cannot stop it on its own – this is where mobile security comes in, responding to the problems identified on CCTV. Guard dogs can be a great way to put people off illegally entering your site, however, security patrols are needed to control them. They have a heightened sense of smell, sight, and hearing, which can help identify criminals early, allowing mobile security patrols to then investigate further and respond accordingly.

mobile patrol security vs static guarding

How Many Security Guards Do I Need For A Patrol?

It is difficult to say how many security guards you would require in a mobile patrol, and that is because the number is dependent on the size of your premises and how often you want them to patrol. Some locations may need 24/7 security, while others will simply want it at night when the buildings are not occupied by staff. Contacting a security provider and gaining advice on your specific business is advised as they are experienced in protecting all kinds of property and can advise accordingly.

Which Type Of Security Guard To Choose?

When it comes to choosing between mobile and static security, there are a number of factors to consider such as your budget and the reason you need the guards.

Why Do You Need The Guards?

Firstly, what do you need the guards for – if it is about controlling entry into an event, then static security guards are best as they can monitor exactly who is entering and even complete additional security checks such as ID checks or bag searches. Static security guards are on your site at all times and can help respond to emergencies quickly, as many guards are often trained in first aid and health and safety protocols.

What Is Your Budget?

Another factor to take into consideration is budget. Static security is usually more expensive than mobile security as they spend their full time at your premises, whereas mobile security only visits during their routine patrols or to respond to issues. On the other hand, the cost of mobile security is more affordable, and it can be altered depending on the size of your site and how often you require patrols.

which type of security guard to choose?


To summarise, there is no right choice between static and mobile security guards, as both are expertly trained and ready to protect your business. Factors to consider when making your choice may include the size of your premises, what your business is, and what you would like security companies to do for you. If you are unsure, talk to your security company today, who will be able to advise you.

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