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Don’t leave your retail store unprotected against criminal activity. Protect your business today with tailored retail security guard services for you. 

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Retail Security Company


Looking to stay protected with reliable retail security guards and services?


Ensuring you have a reliable and trustworthy team of retail security staff present in your store is a vital part of your security strategy. You need experienced and knowledgeable retail security guards to stop the prying hands of thieves and keep your stock on your shelves. This is where we can help. Region Security Guarding has a nationwide team of fully trained and SIA licensed retail security guards ready to help you however you need us. We can provide rapid, reliable security solutions for any business. whether a small store or a shopping center, we cover them all.

Our range of retail security solutions and loss prevention methods will not only deter and detect criminals but will also ensure your other customers feel safe whilst in your store. This is increasingly important as retail crime is continuously rising. Region Security Guarding offers a Price Promise Guarantee so that you know you are choosing the best company to hire retail officers at the best prices. Theft affects retailers on a daily basis. Thieves can strike any store at any time, so don’t become a victim. Whether opportunistic thieves or professional, organised criminals, in-store theft is a major and expensive problem for almost all retailers. Use retail security guards to fight this and produce a strong visual deterrent.

 When it comes to retail security we hand-pick our manned guards very carefully and select the officers based on their customer services and people skills. Our static retail guards and fully uniformed so they add a professional feel to your store and are easily approachable by other members of staff or the general public. They are fully trained to deal with any security issues and threats that take place in your store.

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Static Retail Security

Retail stores are facing increasing need for superior retail security services. Thieves routinely fill their bags with merchandise and exit the store undetected. Meanwhile, employee theft can occur right under management’s nose. Fortunately, we can provide the right plan of action to put a stop to theft with our services. As people turn to theft it’s your business that suffers the consequences both financially and reputably. But this shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be the case with Region Security Guarding at hand.

Retail security is something that is often overlooked until it is absolutely necessary, we here at Region Security Guarding are committed to ensuring this doesn’t happen. By providing first-rate security services at more than reasonable prices, we are able to keep your business secure. Whatever your security requirements are we can cater to your needs.

Keeping Your Store Secured

All of our professional store detectives, security guards for shopping centres, Security guards for Shops and Security for Supermarkets have undergone rigorous background checks and holds an individual SIA qualified License.

Retail Security Guards will enable the safety of employees and customers at all times. Their primary objective is to prevent any theft on the shop floor and ensuring all customers are safe from criminals. We believe while working in a retail store the staff not only need to be monitoring people leaving and entering the store but as they are part of a retail team they will require good customer experience skills. A polite approach to shoppers will give your store a friendly, safer environment. Our retail security guards also offer CCTV monitoring services to keep an eye on all areas.

Security guard services

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Trained Retail Security Operatives

We specifically train our retail security guards to recognise potential thefts before they take place and monitor suspicious individuals. There are other duties a retail officer can take out such as: monitoring staff-only areas, helping open and closing the store, helping customers with directions, and more. Retail crime statistics show that theft within stores is a massive concern a lot of store owners face.

All our guards are SIA approved and have had experience working in the industry for several years. Whether you need to hire supermarket security guards, shop security guards, professional retail store detectives, shopping centre security, department store security guards, shop front guards or any other services.get in touch with us today or request a quote with the form at the bottom of the page.

Benefits of having a retail security guard

Security guards detect criminals, but more importantly, they deter them. Deterring criminals from striking your business in the first place is the best way to stay secure. Security guards and security officers work as visual deterrents to criminals and therefore lower the risk of criminal behaviour occurring. It is vital that your site or premises is effectively protected by the right retail security services.

If criminal activity were to occur, our retail security guards are there to respond rapidly to the situation. When thieves strike, our retail security officers will be there to detect it and stop it immediately. Saving you expensive losses of stock and keeping your other customers safe. They can stop the stolen goods from leaving the store in the first place.

The presence of a security guard produces a much safer and secure environment for everyone in store. Consequently staff often feel a lot safer in the work environment, knowing there are fully trained and experienced security staff nearby and customers can shop in a safe environment.

Luxury Retail Security Staff


We do provide retail officers for stores that require a more luxury retail security service. This service is for companies that want a retail security officer while representing the high standard of their brand. Hiring a luxury retail security guard will help with brand image allowing all customers to feel welcomed and safe whilst shopping. We have been professional providers of luxury retail security guarding for over 10 years.

Locations We Provide Retail Security Guard Services

We are a UK retail security service company, with years of experience within the retail sector. Region Security Guarding are proud to be a leading and trusted supplier of security services throughout the whole of the UK.

We are based in Wolverhampton, however we provide security cover for the whole of the UK. So wherever you are we can provide you with the right services for you.

We’re not only a Birmingham retail security company or London retail security company, we cover nationwide to provide retail security all over the UK, no matter where you are. Here are some of the main towns and cities we cover across the country:

Types of Security

At Region Security, we offer both mobile retail guards and static retail guards. If you are unsure which is best for your business please get in touch today and one of our specialists can advise on what is best suited for your shop. If you require a more discreet security solution then we can also accommodate this. All our guards are given refresher training every 6 months to ensure they are up to date with security regulations and procedures. This is especially important in retail stores as the guard will be a face for your company.

What can retail security guards do?

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Benefits of Retail Security Guards

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] A Visual Deterrence The presence of a  Retail Security Guard within any retailer can act as a visual deterrence for criminals, which may be a threat to not only the business but the customers within the retailer. Retail Security...
What is Retail Security?

Retail Security is security for retailers such as small shops, department stores and supermarkets.  Certain security sesrvices can be put in place to protect and secure a retail store, such as security guards, CCTV cameras and CCTV monitoring systems. 

How to keep a retail store secure

There are many things you can do to help keep your retail store secure, such as have CCTV cameras and monitoring in place. However, the most affective method of keeping your retail store safe and secure is to have retail security officers and retail security guards in place in your store. Not only do they work to detect and catch thieves in the process of stealing, but they also the best deterrent. Having a security guard present will deter criminals from trying to steal before it happens. 

What are the potential risks to a retail store?

The biggest risk to a retail store is theft. Criminals cause expensive issues when they steal from retailers and cause a bad shopping and working environment for everyone in store. They can also cause antisocial behaviour, disrupting staff and shoppers. 


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