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Our Logistics Security Guards

Although we are located in the West Midlands, we provide our Logistics Security throughout the entire United Kingdom. Logistics companies are often prone to being targeted by thieves and vandals as they often have stock that is seen as valuable in locations such as warehouses outside of towns and cities. Our fully SIA Licensed and Trained Logistics Guards are ready at all times to protect your business from any such threats so that you can focus on more important matters.

We have both Static and Mobile Patrol guards ready at all hours of the day to help secure your business, no matter where in the United Kingdom you may be located. Our Static guards can secure all gatehouses and access points across all of your sites and our Mobile Guards can watch for any intruders and act as a visual deterrent for criminals.

Running a logistics company without security of some kind would be nearly impossible, as it would carry such high levels of risk involving theft and vandalism. However, having the right Logistics Security to monitor your stock and premises is equally as important. Security Guards can provide a visible security presence, and deal with potential situations should they arise; which can be vital in stopping criminals in their tracks. As our Security Guards are fully trained and SIA Licensed, you can rest assured that your distribution centre will be in good hands.


CCTV Monitoring for Logistics

As many distribution centres hold valuable stock and are large in size, having CCTV in place allows for all areas of a logistics premises to be seen clearly from one location. Here at Region Security Guarding, we can offer your company CCTV monitoring services, in which our security personnel can monitor the CCTV cameras on-site to identify any potential threats before they cause damage to your logistics business.


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