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Reliable Guard Tracking Services


Our guard tracking system enables Region Security Guarding to maintain an excellent level of service at any location. We can fully monitor our guards using this system and offer our customer a record to confirm that patrols have been completed on time. We offer this as a FREE SERVICE with all contracts, to give our customer peace of mind knowing that a guard is always patrolling their site.

At Region Security Guarding, our key objective is to provide a tailored solution to meet each individual needs. Our clients are our priority and we are committed to delivering high quality services. Security officers who are hired by us are fully vetted, trained and licensed to meet standards set by the SIA. We always attend to last minute needs with a fast turnaround to keep your business safe, and ensure we give a complete solution for all your security needs.

guard tracking services

Why is Guard Tracking so Important?

Guard tracking can be a very useful asset to any guard surveillance unit, being able to keep tabs on when and where a particular area has been patrolled can be incredibly vital information. For instance, a member of staff at your business believe there is suspicious activity around a particular area, if you utilise our guard tracking service to find out where the guard is in relation to that area, you can pinpoint exactly whether the guard has or hasn’t patrolled that location.

The guard tracking systems we provide is also offered completely free with any of our services. We have done this to provide all of our clients with a level of trust most companies cannot match. We have the utmost faith in our security guards, and so to this end, the guard tracking system allows us and the guard to prove our dedication.

How does Guard Tracking Work?

Our guard tracking service is a very straightforward process…

  • First, we send a specialist to come and install the guard tracking system at the site, free of charge.
  • Secondly, the security guard would scan in at a checkpoint tag.
  • All data would be transmitted via GPS.
  • Our online systems would record the exact time and location the guard scanned the checkpoint tag
  • Finally, all records are backed up on a secure external hard drive.

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