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About our Security Guards

Region Security Guarding employs security guards of only the highest calibre, with our rigorous vetting and training process, you can rest assured all guards working under our company are both knowledgeable on everything a security guard should and shouldn’t do but also have the experience and the understanding to be able to act on any potentially dangerous situation. On top of this, they act as a visual deterrent, preventing crime from happening before it has the potential to.

Region Security Guarding is proud to have stood the test of time with over 10 years of experience in the security sector, this amount of time has led us to see how security has evolved over the years, and how potentially we could improve our security solutions. Our constant evolution of the formula of security has granted us the ability to confidently say we are a leading and trusted supplier of nationwide security.

Our motto is “protecting your business, is our business” and we work by this in the sense that the safety and security of your property, possessions and people is our number 1 goal, if we are able to keep a UK business safe from the ever increasing threat of criminal activity then we are satisfied with our work.

Manned security guarding is still to this day an incredibly effective technique when it comes to ensuring the safety of a property or event, having that visual deterrent element is often times enough to ward off would be thieves and vandals as it significantly increases the risk for them. Often times, simply having a guard on site is enough to lower or even completely diminish crime rates, but in the situations where a guard must act, Region Security Guarding can assure you our guards are trained in every area necessary when it comes to this area.

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Security, Company, Companies, Guards, Services

What can a Security Guard do?

There is a lot of contention surrounding the topic of what a security guard can and cannot do, especially whenever there is an incident involving a security guard in some way it makes a lot of people question what they are actually allowed to do.

The best way to think of a security guard is that they are basically trained citizens, whilst they have training to prevent crime alongside helping and aiding in general tasks when it comes to businesses, they have no more rights than an actual citizen. Now this does mean they have the rights to perform a “citizens arrest” but they aren’t granted the immunity that a police officer has in this situation in case they are wrong about their arrest.

This means that whilst you can absolutely be arrested by a security guard, this is only employed in the most extreme of cases when it is an indisputable fact the person being arrested has committed a crime. Most likely Security Guards primary focus is to keep the event secure and safe, this means warding off any potential threats before they happen, acting as a visual deterrent and being able to help out in any situation where a person or people may be in danger

Security is not only our business but also our passion, with over 10 years of experience in the security sector, we work with businesses on the personal level, getting to know the ins and outs of the daily trappings of a business. With this attention to detail we are able to ascertain what the optimal security plan would be and work together with the business to ensure maximum security and discretion is achieved at all times

  • We will deliver our excellent security services in a timely manner.
  • Ensure all our employees share our commitment and continue to raise standard of our security services within Manchester.
  • Provide only trained and licensed professional security guards.
  • We will provide effective solutions that work and are cost effective to all our Manchester clients. This will be specially tailored to your needs
  • We aim to provide the best solution to all your security needs.

As a company our mission is to be able to provide an affordable, yet high quality service, to prove that quality security solutions are feasible for any business no matter the size or scope of your budget. To this end we have developed two core systems, the first is our vetting and training process. We have ensured that this is as rigorous a process as it can get, with only the highest quality candidates being able to work for us, you can rest assured we are capable of seeing through any job, no matter the size.

Our second system is our price promise guarantee, with the ability to confidently put ourselves ahead of the competition in terms of pricing and affordability, means we have made a commitment to you to prove we are a client first company.

There are several steps you have to take to become a security officer, the first and most basic step is to get your SIA license, whilst this can be explored more on the SIA website there are a couple of criteria you have to pass:

  1. You have to be aged 18 or over
  2. You have to pass identity and criminal record checks
  3. You need to complete relevant approved SIA training

Once all this is done you should then be eligible to start working as a security guard, of course it depends on the firm you plan to work for alongside things like prior experience in the police force or army but generally this is how you want to go to get started.

Region Security Guarding is a security company that provide a wide range of security services. All our Security Guards are SIA licensed and are all trained and experienced professionals. We currently provide our services in nationwide, we undertake both large and short term contracts. We offer a wide array of different services, from Retail Security to key holding and emergency alarm response units, we can guarantee we offer a quality service that your business can utilise .We also have a price promise guarantee; where we can beat or match any of our competitors price and can assure our security is the best provided.

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Region Security Guarding Ltd, holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding Services. Region Security Guarding is accredited by CCAS to ISO 9001:2015

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