Community Work

Our Community Work

One of our biggest core values and aims as a business is to give back and support others within our local community. Some of the ways we currently help the local community are:

  • by attending and supporting local events.
  • by visiting and helping out local businesses.
  • by donating to local charities.

Every year, we look for new opportunities that allow us to give back to the community. This Christmas we have worked with the Haven and donated towards the charity Christmas meals they provide. While earlier on in the year we donated to charities like the Mayor of Wolverhampton’s Charitable Fund, attended events held by a local charity called Circus Star, and on the 6th of October we sponsored the Haven’s 50th Anniversary Charity Ball. 

We look forward to finding more ways to help give back to the local businesses and charities within our community.

our community work

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Our Core Values


One of our core values as a company is to challenge ourselves to provide the best security services that we can. We strive to do this by making sure that all of our workers – from the guards to our staff members who work in our office have taken the best training.

We make sure that all of our security officers are SIA-trained, fully vetted, and take regular training so that they can provide businesses with the highest quality security services. While we ensure that our marketing team and sales department are fully trained in first aid and that they have the right knowledge about security so that they can help customers with any queries.


Although we deliver nationwide services, our office is lucky enough to be situated within Wolverhampton. And we take pride in being able to work together and help support the other local businesses and community in Wolverhampton.

One of our main core values is to show support to other local businesses and charities within Wolverhampton. And we constantly look to find new ways that we can help to give back and show our support to our local community.


We are currently a small business and we believe that it is important to showcase support for other smaller companies and businesses. We constantly look to find different ways that we can collaborate with other small businesses and companies.


We are always looking for new ways that we can show support for both our customers and to our local community. We do this by making sure that we are using the best technologies and resources that can help improve the quality of all the services that we provide. We also make it a priority to try and source these resources from smaller and local businesses.


Respect is a huge priority and a core value of ours. We make sure that we respect everyone’s differences. We make sure that as a business we are providing respect to not only our clients but that we are also respecting our employees, like our guards and staff workers, and that we are providing respect to our local community.


Here at Region Security Guarding, we view ourselves as a team. We make sure that all of our employees, from the guards to the marketing department to the sales team, all work closely together in everything that we do. So that we can provide the highest quality of services to our customers and so that we can provide the best support to our local community.