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Student Acommodation Security Services


Due to the lifestyle of students, it may come as no surprise that they sadly become prime targets for criminals and thieves. Around 1/3 of students fall victim to crime while at university. Most students have their own mobile phone along with some form of laptop, PC, or tablet which means for thieves and burglars, students are targets with an almost guaranteed high reward.

Our security officers are also trained to identify and offer support to students that may be suffering from stress or depression. Our security guards are there to work along with the site the facilities team in providing a safe environment where students can study in safety and reach their full potential.

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Preventing anti-social behaviour

Student accommodation and the areas that surround it can often fall victim to anti-social behaviour, particularly overnight. Having guards patrolling the buildings and perhaps even the streets surrounding the building can drastically reduce this problem for students and residents alike. Having security guards that are approachable for students, but firm when required to control a situation before it gets out of hand, can be the key factor to preventing anti-social behaviour at your student accommodation.

Having security in place at night can act as an effective deterrent to unwelcome guests trying to gain entry or follow other students to the accommodation for reasons of crime or to participate in anti-social behaviour. Our guards are able to respond to emergencies such as fire alarm activations out of hours. Being the first point of contact and able to liaise effectively with both the fire police and local authorities.

Our Student accommodation guards:

If incidents do occur, our trained security officers will be able to better interact with and advise students about any mistakes they are making around their personal safety and that of their belongings. Trained officers will have a keen eye for threats and their experience will make them the ideal calming presence in any situation. Our Security Guards are professional and trustworthy witnesses to have at the scene. They will carry no bias and can gather evidence of any such anti-social behaviour to present to accommodation bosses.

Our student accommodation guards are fully trained to acknowledge and protect against threats at all hours of the day. With bespoke training in student accommodation security, for example foreign students arriving and the issues that they face in a new environment, further training in safeguarding awareness, mental health awareness, disability awareness, modern slavery awareness, and Covid-19 awareness training.

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