Business Park Security

Protect the many businesses that are housed within your site with our business park security solutions.

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  • Tailored services to meet the security needs of your site

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What Is Business Park Security?

Business parks are often big targets for criminal activity as they house many different types of companies. Criminals can cause expensive problems for these business parks. Most often from damages, stolen goods and vandalism all occurring on the site. These threats can disrupt your operations as well as jeopardise the safety of employees and visitors.

Business park security encompasses a range of measures implemented by owners to guarantee the safety of the park. We employ various security strategies to achieve this safety. This can include security guards, surveillance cameras, alarm systems and security dogs.

All of our security guards are fully SIA licensed and experienced to deal with any of your needs. This ensures that we can provide the best cover for you, whenever you need it.

Business Park Security

Why Hire Our Business Park Security?

As an SIA Approved Contractor, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you get the best security protection possible. This extends to both your employees and your business park.

We understand that these areas are big and contain an assortment of different businesses. This is why we customise our services to meet your specific requirements. Some of our security measures include:

  • Security guards act as a visual deterrent to criminals
  • Monitoring CCTV deters and detects suspicious individuals
  • Immediate response to alarms, able to stop criminals
  • Security dogs add an additional layer of security

Our business park security solutions are available around the clock. This is to ensure that we can are fully protecting your site.

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"Services provided were excellent! Punctuality was excellent, management was well organised, and communication with both employees on duty and the management was excellent. I would definitely recommend your services and would not hesitate to use your services in the future."

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"The security has been fantastic overall. Guard is an absolute superstar and please pass on our thanks. I have been very impressed and we would like to use Region if we have any holidays to cover in the future."

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"We approached Region Security Guarding with an urgent need for security at a large site in Pineham, Northamptonshire. They provided us with a quotation within the hour and managed to resource a security guard for the following day. The security guard worked on the site for a two-month period and was punctual, reliable, and professional throughout. Any queries or requests that we had throughout this period, were actioned promptly by the Region Security manager. We would definitely recommend using Region Security, as they provided an excellent service for a reasonable price."


“A professional and reliable service. Always easy to contact and has never let us down with cover. No hesitation in recommending and competitively priced also. After using an unreliable costly company for several years it is a pleasure to do business with Region Security. Thank you Namrita and team!”

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“Great company, professional services, friendly guards and helpful at times when required.”


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“We have used Region security for quite a while now. Top notch service, great guards and helpful staff. We love Mo the guard and Namrita for all of their help/work. No need to try the other companies at all.”

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“Fantastic service, really could not have asked for more from them.”


"Due to increase in shoplifting the company supplied us with security guards. They proved to be very good and managed to catch many shoplifters. In fact some of them were our regular customers. In a few months our takings and profit has gone up. I would recommend Region Security Guarding anytime."

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We're Proud To Work With:

Customised Business Park Security

We tailor our business park security solutions to meet the unique needs of each location we serve. We recognise the distinct security challenges and potential threats faced by every site.

That’s why our top priority is to craft customised strategies. To achieve this, we create strong partnerships with each client. This ensures the delivery of highly effective services that secure the premises.

All our business park security personnel hold comprehensive SIA licenses. Additionally, they possess extensive experience in addressing a wide spectrum of security issues. We carefully match the most suitable service to your site’s specific requirements, guaranteeing the utmost level of protection.

Furthermore, our team of experts are readily available around the clock. They are happy to provide support on applying the most effective security measures to boost your park’s safety.

We consistently apply this personalised approach to every business we collaborate with. contributing to the exceptional satisfaction of our clients. Look at our list of case studies to understand those who have benefited from our services.

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Professional keyholding & alarm response services, with dedicated SIA licensed security personnel.

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Region Security Guarding Ltd, holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding Services.

Business Park Solutions

Why Do Business Parks Need Security?

Business parks, much like other enterprises, require robust security measures to safeguard against criminal activities. Any criminal incident can swiftly escalate into a costly problem. This is due to the fact these parks often host a multitude of diverse companies.

This is why it becomes important for business parks to establish effective security protocols. Ideally ones aimed at minimising the risk of criminal activities. The presence of dedicated business security officers signals to potential wrongdoers that the premises are well guarded. It also contributes to fostering a safer working environment for all employees within the business park.

We implement different security measures to ensure the safety of all businesses within the park. This can include CCTV Monitoring and Logistics Security. View the full list of our services below!

Experienced Business Park Security

Our security team is incredibly well-prepared to handle any situation they may encounter. We back this with extensive training, full licensing, and a wealth of experience. We take pride in our official recognition from the SIA.

It is important to ensure that all our guards possess SIA licenses and undergo comprehensive training. This is to reaffirm our dedication to safeguarding your premises.

We tailor every service we offer to precisely align with the unique requirements of each company. This assures your complete satisfaction with our security solutions. With a nationwide presence, our services extend across the entirety of the UK, providing round-the-clock protection.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to enquire about our business park security services. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will promptly provide you with a free, customised quote to meet your specific needs.

business park security

More Information On Our Business Park Security

What To Expect From Our Security Solutions

Our company is committed to providing dependable and expert security services to businesses across the United Kingdom. Our team of officers maintains valid SIA licenses and boasts extensive expertise in securing various types of sites.

When you select us to fulfil your security needs, our team of security professionals will craft a personalised quote. We tailor this quote to your specific requirements. We engage in a comprehensive discussion to pinpoint the most appropriate security strategies for your company, assuring optimal protection. Our dedication to your security ensures the implementation of highly effective security measures.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us today with any enquiries about our services. Our experienced team will be readily available to assist you.

Do I Need Business Park Security?

It is essential that business parks have good security in place to reduce the chances of crime occurring. Security measures, such as security officers, indicate that the site has strong protection in place. It can also create a safer working atmosphere for all workers at the business park.

How Is Our Security Services Tailored To Your Requirements?

We acknowledge that the needs of every business can evolve over time. Consequently, we embrace a highly personalised approach to accommodate your ever-changing security requirements.

Our team of seasoned security professionals boasts extensive knowledge and experience. This expertise empowers us to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your site. From there, we formulate security solutions that precisely align with the unique needs of your business.

We prioritise close collaboration with you to identify any vulnerabilities in your existing security infrastructure. We are also committed to fortifying your premises accordingly.

What Crimes Target Business Parks?

Business parks house numerous diverse businesses, which makes them attractive targets for criminal activities. The 2022 statistics from England and Wales reported at least 469,000 crimes against businesses. This highlights the alarming prevalence of such incidents.

Given these concerning figures, it comes as no surprise that many business parks are actively seeking effective security measures. This is to safeguard their operations. Among the most common crimes perpetrated against business parks are:

Robberies: Criminals may target business parks for robberies, aiming to steal valuable assets, equipment, or cash. The sheer size and multiple access points of business parks can make them vulnerable to this type of crime.

Break-ins: Unauthorised entry into business park premises is a significant concern. Intruders may seek to access offices, warehouses, or storage areas to steal valuable items or sensitive information.

Vandalism: Acts of vandalism, such as graffiti, property damage, or destruction of assets, can disrupt business park operations. Additionally, it creates a negative working environment for employees.

Internal Theft: Internal theft can pose a substantial risk. Employees or individuals with access to the business park may engage in theft or fraudulent activities, potentially causing financial losses and compromising security.

What Areas Do We Secure?

Our security services extend across the entire United Kingdom. This is to ensure that regardless of the location of your business park, we can provide customised security solutions.

We design our security solutions to precisely align with your unique requirements. We train our security personnel to handle a diverse range of security scenarios and ensure they hold comprehensive licenses. This is to assure your park’s safety and protection.

What Are The Duties Of A Business Park Security Guard?

The primary responsibility of guards assigned to business parks is to ensure the safety of the park. This includes all its occupants as well. However, they have various other tasks and duties they handle, such as:


  1. Conducting regular patrols throughout the business park
  2. Utilising CCTV monitoring equipment, such as security cameras, to survey different areas of the business site
  3. Maintaining vigilance for potential criminal activity
  4. Documenting and reporting any security incidents that occur
  5. Monitoring all individuals entering or exiting the business park
  6. Adhering to all established security policies and procedures
  7. Serving as a visible deterrent to deter potential thieves
  8. Verifying the legitimacy of all visitors or employees present within the business park
  9. Providing a strong security presence to businesses within the park, enhancing safety and deterring criminal activity while creating a secure working environment

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