Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In Leeds

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8th November 2022

Leeds is the main capital of North Yorkshire and one of the most populated cities in the UK with a population of over 500,000. Leeds was a massive city during the industrial revolution, attracting many tourists who were interested in living in the area. Over the course of 100 years, Leeds has gained a big reputation for being a crime-ridden city.

In this article, we will go over the top 10 most dangerous areas in Leeds and overlook the current crime rates of each area in Leeds

Is Leeds A Dangerous City?

From gathering, Leeds the 14th least secure postcode in the UK. This data’s results have been gathered from 32 different factors. These factors include the number of officers in the neighbourhood, crime rates per 1,000 people, the number of CCTV cameras in the neighbourhood, and resident safety.

Leeds ranks high in the number of crimes with over 100,000 crimes reported in 2021. Comparing that to Birmingham, Leeds has only had 10,000 fewer crimes with over half the population so that doesn’t look great in Leeds’s favour.

Leeds doesn’t also have many CCTV cameras to try and combat this increase in crime with only around 300 cameras operating. This is significantly lower than most major cities and with crime extremely high, you would Leeds to try and combat this. There are however more police officers deployed in Leeds with over 5100 officers making it one of biggest police forces in the country.

According to crimerate, Leeds was voted the most dangerous major city in West Yorkshire. The most common crime in Leeds was violence and sexual behaviour with over 33,000 crimes committed. We will go more into detail about what the other most common crimes are below

It is hard to judge Leeds fully on how dangerous it is due to its large population and just like any other city, Leeds has its safe areas and more dangerous areas with higher crime levels. We will now be going to Leeds’s most dangerous parts


Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In Leeds

What Parts Of Leeds Are Dangerous?

Gathering data from the West Yorkshire police, show the crime rates per neighborhood. 

Areas in Leeds

Total Crimes

Total Crimes per 1000 People

Leeds City Centre



Armley & New Wortley



Lincoln Green & St James



Beeston West & Cottingley



Beeston Hill & Hunslet Moor



Seacroft North & Monkswood



Harehills South



Seacroft South






Belle Isle North



The statistics above show that Leeds city centre has the highest crime rate, making it the most dangerous area in Leeds. This could be due to the city centre being densely populated with tourists and residents. In most major cities in the UK, most urban areas are situated in the cities and these areas are renowned for experiencing high numbers of crimes.

What Crimes Happen The Most In Leeds?

Leeds is the largest settlement in the UK. With over 100,000 crimes reported in 2021, we will have a look into what crimes are committed the most in Leeds. We already know violence and sexual behaviours are the most committed crime in Leeds but what else comes out on top?

Below are the results gathered from West Yorkshire police. The results have been gathered for the total crimes and also the crimes per 1000 people. As we already know, violence and sexual offences are way ahead with 33,738 crimes.  Public order is the second most common crime with 10,812 crimes committed and then anti-social behaviour with 10,548 crimes committed.


Type of Crime Crime Count Crimes per 1000 people
Anti-Social Behaviour 10,548 20.64
Bicycle Theft 1,075 2.10
Burglary 3,732 7.30
Criminal Damage and Arson 7,511 14.69
Drugs 2,592 5.07
Other Crime 1,762 3.45
Other Theft 5,543 10.84
Possession of Weapons 741 1.45
Public Order 10,812 21.15
Robbery 956 1.87
Shoplifting 4,318 8.45
Theft From the Person 1,025 2.01
Vehicle Crime 4,432 8.67
Violence and Sexual Offences 33,738 66.00
most dangerous places in leeds


Leeds does get a bad reputation for being a dangerous city but is this really warranted? Sadly, I would say yes. Leeds reports high numbers of crime on a consistent basis and is regularly voted one of the most dangerous cities in the UK. Every city has dangerous and safe areas. I would personally advise checking current crime rates in the area before visiting.

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