Leeds Crime Revealed 

Recorded crime is falling across the county with a 2.6 per cent reduction in offences in West Yorkshire in 2019/20 with around 7,600 fewer victims.

Latest statistics released by the Office for National Statistics show that West Yorkshire Police has bucked the national trend (a 1.4 per cent increase) to record a reduction in crime.

Significant reductions were reported in offences including robbery (down 14.9%), vehicle crime (down 8.6%) and violence with injury (down by 7.2%). The positive downward trend in residential burglaries also continued in 2019/20 with a 17.1% reduction, meaning 3,250 fewer homes were burgled during the year.

West Yorkshire Police’s Response to the National Crime Statistics:

West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable John Robins QPM said: “I am very pleased with the reductions in crime and thank all our officers, staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication, alongside our partners for their help and support.”

What Does this Crime Decrease Mean

Crime statistics across the country, this year, show this overall decrease, however the data will have been massively affected by the implementation of lockdown in march as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Police statistics show that crime fell by 5% in March 2020 compared with the previous month, followed by a larger 20% decrease between March and April; however, crime increased by 12% from April to May, as the easing of lockdown restrictions began. This means the continuation of this increase of crime levels within the country is highly likely.

Within the period of lockdown the majority of people were at home and businesses were shut, meaning that criminal behaviour was forced to a minimum. There was no shops to steal from and people being at home meant burglaries were less likely to occur.

So, has this had a major impact on the crime statistics for this year? It is extremely difficult to answer this question. Mr Robins of the West Yorkshire police stated that “These reductions were in the main before the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic” but went on to say that they have had an obvious positive impact on the crime statistics.

The levels of crime will eventually, however, return to the pre-pandemic crime rate trends, but hopefully will continue to decrease as they had before the pandemic began.

Which Areas Have The Highest Levels of Crime in Leeds?

As we have seen Leeds has a high crime rate, but to understand more about the crime that is being committed we need to look at where in Leeds it is happening. 

The map below, produced by Leeds Observatory, shows us that the amount of crime is higher in the very heart of the city in comparison to the outer areas.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”26845″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]The Yorkshire Evening Post at the end of last year published an article revealing the 20 wards within Leeds that had the highest levels of crime. Here is the top 10 locations in Leeds, followed by their crime rate per 1000 of the population:

  1. Little London & Woodhouse:  365.9.
  2. Hunslet and Riverside: 300.
  3. Beeston and Holbeck: 204.1.
  4. Armley: 202.7.
  5. Killingbeck and Seacroft: 193.4.
  6. Burmantofts and Richrmond Hill: 188.9.
  7. Giptop and Harehills: 185.5
  8. Middleton Park: 149.5
  9. Temple Newsam: 147.5.
  10. Farnley and Wortley: 146.9

Principles of Crime Prevention From the West Yorkshire Police 

It is very important that we take precautionary measures to ensure that we as individuals and as a community stay safe and help prevent criminal activity. Towards this aim of decreasing crime within the county of Leeds, the West Yorkshire Police have created a list of principles.

These principles can assist you in reducing the opportunity for crime to occur at your home, your place of work, your business or when you are out and about in the city. See the list below of the most important principles you should consider.

Target Removal 

Make sure any valuables are out of sight in your home, at your business or on your person. This will help to deter criminals therefore helping to prevent the loss of your property and the likelydhood of damages

Reducing the Means 

Reduce how easy it is for someone to steal from you by not leaving items unattended. If you are out ensure you keep your belongings close to your person.

Access Control 

Control access to your home, business or vehicle by locking all doors and windows.


Improve the surveillance around your home and/or business. Consider install alarms or CCTV and when out make sure you watch your belongings at all times.


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