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9th June 2021

how safe is huddersfield

Huddersfield has come to have a bit of a bad reputation over time when it comes to being a safe area. With crime rates high and it being voted the ‘second worst place to live in the UK’ according to the Examiner Live, the areas could easily be labelled as unsafe. But is this really the case? Let’s take a look!

How Dangerous Is Huddersfield?

Some would argue that the answer to this is rather dangerous. It is, however, difficult to rate how dangerous an area is as there are lots of factors to take into consideration. A good way to get an indication as to how dangerous an area may be is to look at the crime rates and statistics for that area compared to other areas in the UK. So lets take a look at some of the crime figures.

Does Huddersfield Have A High Crime Rate?

Compared to the national crime rate average, Huddersfield comes quite high. It stands at 133% of the national crime rate, meaning it has way more crimes on average than other locations in the UK and Wales, according to Plumplot.

What Is The Crime Rate In Huddersfield?

In the last two years, Huddersfield has appeared high up in the crime rankings. Per 1,00 workday people according to Plumplot, there are 87.6 crimes in Huddersfield. This ranks it 12th highest area. This doesn’t give a very good reputation for the area and would suggest there is a definite crime problem in the area in general.

According to Huddersfield Police in March 2021 there were 609 violent and sexual offences in Huddersfield. This makes it the most common crime in the area by far. Anti-social behaviour comes in second place, with a much lower number of 217 cases in the same time period.

what is the crime rate in huddersfield

So, Is Huddersfield A Dangerous Place To Live?

Huddersfield itself sits within the high crime rate area of West Yorkshire, and with the high crime rates stated above, it doesn’t look good for Huddersfield. With the offenses occurring the most in the area being violent or sexual offences, it paints a bad picture for Huddersfield. These types of crimes produce an unsafe and dangerous image of the area.

Is Huddersfield A Nice Area?

There are many places that could be considered good and bad areas in Huddersfield. There are, however, some very nice areas of Huddersfield that are lovely locations to live in, with minimal crime in the area. These more rural areas are surrounded by countryside, moorland, and villages that are perfect for families. There are many areas like this in the Huddersfield area.

Huddersfields Worst Places To Live

As with any large town, some areas have a bad reputation and others a very good one.  In terms of recorded crime rates in the area, the town center is probably the worst area in Huddersfield to live. However, being in the town center does hold the benefits of being near all the attractions that Huddersfield has to offer. Other worst areas in Huddersfield are Birkby and the Thornton Lodge and Lockwood areas on the city. These also have high crime rate levels that might make them some of the worse areas in Huddersfield to live.

huddersfields worst places to live


Huddersfield does have areas that are worryingly high in crime and are seen as dangerous and unsafe, especially during the nighttime when crime levels go up. However, there are areas of Huddersfield that are very nice and are great areas to live in, especially for families. If you are thinking of moving to or visiting the area, it is recommended that you check out the current and most relevant crime statistics.

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