Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In Sheffield

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25th October 2022

Sheffield is a city in Yorkshire with a population of 520,000, making it one of the most populated cities in the UK.  Sheffield is famous for its impact on the industrial revolution and has since become a hub spot for business. Sheffield also has a long sporting heritage, being home to the oldest football club in the world..

However, just like every other city, Sheffield has become a place riddled with crime. In this article, we will be discovering the top 10 most dangerous areas in Sheffield

Is Sheffield A Dangerous City?

From the Data collected by , data shows that Sheffield is the 7th most dangerous area in the UK.

This information takes into account 32 distinct factors, including the number of police officers in the area, the frequency of crimes per 1000 people, the number of CCTV cameras, and resident safety.

Sheffield reported around 56,000 crimes which makes it one of the highest amount of crimes for a city in the UK. It also has one of the lowest amounts of CCTV camera’s for a city with only 159 crimes which could explain why it may encounter a high number of crimes because it has no visual deterrent for criminals.

Sheffield doesn’t deploy as many police officers as other cities for the given population with only 2394 police officers spread across the city which can show why more crimes may have been committed due to there not being enough police in the city to deal with any potential crime.

According to crime rate, by far the most common crime in Sheffield was violence and sexual behavior crimes with over 19,000 cases reported in the city. The second highest crime was anti-social behavior with over 12000 cases reported. There has been around a 3.3% increase in anti-social behavior from previous years.

Sheffield’s crime rates appear to be notably high compared to many other UK cities, but as with any city, there are safer and more dangerous neighbourhoods.

most dangerous places in sheffield

What Neighbourhoods Of Sheffield Are Most Dangerous?

Here is data collected by Sheffield police shown by each neigbourhood in Sheffield.


Crime Count

Crime Rate

Tinsley & Carbrook



Devonshire Quarter



Hillsborough, Owlerton & Wadsley Bridge



Burngreave & Grimesthorpe



Highfield & Lowfield






Woodhouse West



Shirecliffe & Parkwood Springs



Sheffield Lane Top & Longley Park



Park Hill & Wybourn



The stats above show that Tinsley & Carbrook was voted the most dangerous area in Sheffield. This area reported over 1736 crimes.

Yes, it has lower crimes than some areas but this data took into account the population count and the types of crimes in the area and the low population and type of crimes made it the most dangerous area in Sheffield. 

Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In Sheffield

What Crimes Happen The Most In Sheffield?

It’s vital to look at the sorts of crimes as well as the overall number of crimes to have a real look into what crimes are impacting Sheffield. 

This crime data was gathered by Sheffield police. 

Type of Crime

Number of Crimes

Crimes per 1000 People

Anti-Social Behaviour



Bicycle Theft






Criminal Damage and Arson






Other Crime



Other Theft



Possession of Weapons



Public Order









Theft From the Person



Vehicle Crime



Violence and Sexual Offences



As you can see, violence and sexual behaviour came out on top as the most reported crime in Sheffield, followed by anti social behaviour and then public order crimes. 


Every city has less risky and more dangerous neighbourhoods, and Sheffield is no exception. Naturally, businesses want to adopt security measures to make sure neither of their staff become victims of crime. One method to reduce your risk of being a victim of crime is to hire a security company. A security business may install CCTV cameras to monitor areas or deploy security guards to prevent possible robbers physically. Security services may assess your present security practises and provide advice on how to make your organisation more secure.

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