How To Be An Efficient Retail Security Officer

Written by Nyah Mallen

4th February 2021

Whilst most may expect being a retail security officer to be easy, that isn’t the case. Simply serving as the role is not enough to be an efficient retail security officer. Security guarding is a job that requires you to be vigilant at all times, as well as quick to act. This is how the majority of people come to search for tips and tricks on how to be a good retail security guard.

Numerous different factors can enhance your overall efficiency when it comes to the security industry, but generally, the main ones are to stay agile, alert and flexible.

Are you interested in learning how to be an efficient retail security officer? In this article, we’ll explore different habits and behaviours you can pick up to improve your work performance.

1. Staying Vigilant And Keeping Eyes Out For Suspicious Behaviours

If you want to take on the role of being a retail security officer, then that means taking over the responsibility of the security of an entire area. Because you are now a line of defence between the business and security threats, you will need to maintain a constant state of alertness to ensure there are no active security risks.

You need to ensure that you are constantly aware of and attentive to your surroundings to ensure that your environment stays safe and protected. If you can do this, then you are immediately increasing your effectiveness as a security guard, as you are then prepared to deal with anything that comes your way.

2. Honesty Is Vital

Focusing less on materialistic qualities, one of the distinguishing qualities of retail security officers is honesty. To put it into perspective, if you have been hired to secure a business’s premises, but you are dishonest about any incidents involving security threats – you are immediately going against your duty.

In order to be a good retail security guard, you must prioritise honesty above all else – as helping criminals by any means, even by omission, means you are going against your duties.

3. Physical Fitness Is A Must

When considering ideal traits it takes to be an efficient retail security officer, fitness is one of the first qualities to come to mind. It can be difficult to effectively perform your job if you are unfit. This can bottleneck your overall performance at your job – and consequently, your efficiency.

There are many different methods of becoming and staying fit, so the method you choose doesn’t make a difference, as long as you achieve the following goals:

  • Improved Stamina
  • Good Level of Agility
  • Maintain Regular Exercise Habits

A common saying is that a healthy body means a healthy mind. Provided you are fit and able, you will be able to efficiently perform the duties associated with your job role.

retail security officer

4. Effective Communication And Confidence

One of the responsibilities of a retail security officer role is being able to communicate. Not only with business owners and staff but any visitors or customers on-site, as well. You should be able to communicate any security risks, threats or incidents clearly and promptly to the required authorities.

Additionally, you also need to have the confidence to establish yourself as an authoritative figure. Confidence also helps in decision-making, reducing the time spent contemplating what to do, simply doing it instead.

5. Keen Observation Skills

The most efficient retail security officers need to be able to react to security threats before they even happen. This is achievable with fantastic observation skills.

Whilst they may sound like something that cannot be learned – they in fact can. Provided you go through the proper, rigorous training, you can learn about the tell-tale signs of security threats and learn to identify them before they have the chance to happen. With acute observation skills, you will become an incredibly efficient security guard.

6. Give And Receive Commands

Each day as a security guard can pose new challenges, which is why you must be able to remain flexible. On some days, you will be required to think quickly on your feet and perform agile decision-making. On others, you’ll be required to listen to commands and perform tasks you’ve been told to do.

Especially as an efficient retail security officer, you’ll be expected to give commands to your teammates – and listen to commands you’re given just as well.

This helps to ensure that the security team operates smoothly – not just increasing your efficiency, but your team’s as well.

how to be a good retail security guard

7. Swift And Intelligent Decision-Making

Decision-making capabilities can play an important role in defining how to be a good retail security guard.

To reduce the chances of the property you’re guarding being exposed to any security risks, you need to be able to make decisions incredibly quickly, but also intelligently. Whether this means contacting other team members or the appropriate authorities.

This may also involve needing to take a situation into your own hands and deal with it alone – if required.

8. Stay Up To Date With The Latest Tools And Technologies

With tools and technologies constantly being improved, it is vital to stay on top of how to use them. Whilst they are made to make jobs and tasks easier, how to use these technologies often grows more complex.

With certain things, such as fitness, you can afford to retain old-school methods. Tech cannot be afforded the same luxury.

This is due to the necessity to learn about equipment such as CCTV, body cameras, guard tracking apps and other tools security guards might use. Knowing how to effectively operate these tools can help you to be an efficient retail security officer.

9. Training Under The Right Institute

To be a good retail security guard, you must receive the appropriate training and licencing. This is because training teaches security personnel the majority of information regarding their field of work, and some of the duties involved in that.

Comprehensive training can aid your ability to deal with things in your professional career, impacting your performance drastically. This is why it’s crucial to get the right type of physical, academic and intelligence training.

how to be an efficient retail security officer

So, How To Be An Efficient Retail Security Officer

In this article, we’ve covered different qualities that make retail security guards a lot more efficient at their jobs. Whilst it may not be as easy as it originally seemed, it can still become an easy job by training the right aspects of yourself and taking the right steps.

If you would like to learn more about retail security personnel, and the security industry as a whole, consider visiting our Retail Articles page. There, we have content that covers retail security officer duties and how to get a retail security job.

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