What Is Retail Security?

Written by Nyah Mallen

21st December 2020

With 867 accounts of violent or abusive incidents daily, and 8 million cases of customer theft a year, 2021-22 was quite a dangerous period for retailers. This makes it all the more important to begin protecting your businesses.

Given the substantial financial risks at stake, it is evident that even retail stores must prioritise implementing effective security services and protective measures. As a store owner, it becomes crucial for retailers to evaluate the efficacy of their security systems and policies to deter shoplifting and theft effectively.

This article explores what security in retail means, its significance and how you can further improve it more efficiently. Without further delay, let’s delve into the details.

Security In Retail

Retailing is a comprehensive process of managing merchandise, strategic planning for the future, enhancing sales, and more, based on the company’s specific needs. It covers everything from buying to selling, pricing to serving and from encountering losses to generating profits per retailer.

In addition to adding various business strategies within a retail outlet, preserving store profits and protecting the enterprise are both key focuses for every retailer. This is what is known as retail security.

In more direct terms, retail store security is the process by which a retail business ensures that its assets are being sold safely and securely to shoppers, for both employees and customers. This aids in the prevention of harm or theft.

Broadly speaking, security in retail refers to the protective measures for a store’s merchandise, the store itself, and shoppers, alongside techniques used to employ a more secure and safe sales or business environment.

Implementing these security measures means bolstering the security of a retail store, and guarding against undesirable incidents such as thefts, shoplifting, and the like.

Regrettably, theft is an unavoidable challenge for all retail businesses. The degree of risk and damage may differ based on the type and scale of the impacted outlet. For example, businesses specialising in jewellery or electronics are more susceptible to risks and potential losses in cases of shoplifting, due to the higher value of their inventory.

Though, regardless of the retail business that you operate, it is highly important to prioritise retail security measures that are robust and efficient. They can be essential for easily reducing sustained losses over a longer period.

what is retail security

Benefits Of Retail Security Guards

Retail security officers can be a huge advantage in improving security in your outlets. Below, we have listed some of the benefits of said security guards.

Guards Can Act As A Visual Deterrence

The presence of security in retail acts as a visual deterrent to potential criminals, who pose a threat not only to the business but also to customers and employees within the store. Retail security guards play a crucial role in preventing crimes like burglary, shoplifting, checkout fraud and refund fraud.

Sense Of Security

By significantly decreasing the likelihood of potential threats, guards can also serve as a means of providing peace of mind and a sense of security for both staff and customers in the store. Their presence can let people know that they are in a safe environment for as long as they are there.

Additionally, security guards demonstrate to customers that their safety is one of your priorities and that you are willing to put measures in place to ensure their protection within your store. This is particularly important for retailers located in areas with increased crime rates.

Handling Crime

When visual deterrence proves insufficient and a crime is in progress, security guards are trained to respond promptly and appropriately to a variety of criminal activities. Their responsibilities may include relaying gathered information to the appropriate authorities or detaining a suspect. The business has the discretion to choose between employing an armed or unarmed guard for this purpose.

Monitoring Crime

Retail security guards may sometimes be employed to monitor a retail outlet through their surveillance systems, verify employee or customer credentials and inspect the premises for contraband. When it comes to retailers, security guards can keep an eye out for shoplifters, loiterers, and vandals, effectively preventing crime before it has the chance to occur.

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Importance Of Security In Retail

Security can be one of the key factors in making way for criminal activities if it is found to be insufficient. This is why it is essential to have a robust retail security plan. If you are curious about why security in retail is considered vital, explore the information provided below to better understand this approach:

Theft Prevention

Employing strong security measures can help to prevent potential thefts. If a potential robber were to see a security guard in your storefront or notice a surveillance system installed within your store, the likelihood of attempting to shoplift is significantly reduced.

The implementation of a retail security system makes it obvious that the business is committing to a heightened level of theft prevention in its storefronts. In turn, this will help to discourage and dissuade potential thieves from targeting your retail outlet.

Profit Preservation

Another very important benefit of security is profit preservation. A security system will help you to preserve profits in a secure environment as well as do all the possible things to enjoy great outcomes in the best possible way.

Another crucial advantage of retail security is profit preservation. A robust security system not only helps to contribute to securing a safe environment but also takes the necessary security measures to achieve the best outcomes in the most efficient way.

importance of security in retail

Peace Of Mind

The presence of an expert security guard and a competent security system will aid in dissuading possible criminals. This then provides you with an unparalleled peace of mind that your property is secure in good hands. With a calm mind, you can then dedicate your focus and efforts elsewhere to other core business functions.

Aid In Legal Matters

Having a security system on your property, supported by video records or a professional retail security guard who is well-versed in rules and regulations, enables you to nip shoplifting matters in the bud swiftly. This provides additional support in identifying perpetrators, allowing for more legal options to locate and apprehend a thief.

Prevent Any Unwanted Incident

Criminals may not always be external threats, which is a very important fact to remember. Hence, it is incredibly important to employ security in each area of your retail outlet to prevent undesirable incidents from coming into play.

In summary, it is essential to safeguard your business to adequately shield you from potential losses in the most efficient manner. Therefore, having effective retail security services is a must for your business.

improving retail security management

How To Improve Retail Security Management

Concerning security in retail, individuals will often associate CCTV systems and visible signs of them with it. These are some of the more frequently occurring security systems in place for retailers.

And whilst they do play a pivotal role in the majority of security systems, they are not the be-all-end-all solution for crime prevention in retail businesses. Here, we have outlined some of the most significant security factors that don’t include surveillance systems that you can consider:

Avoid splitting up workers into one-man groups to perform tasks in your outlet. Having at least two or more workers present in the store at one time increases the chances of a thief reconsidering before committing any malicious activities.

You will not always be present in your retail store, which is why it is worth considering investing in a retail security guard. Doing this allows you to take advantage of their capabilities even when you are not present at the storefront. Additionally, it is advisable to get a robust security system, which operates 24/7, installed. This security measure then helps to deter potential robberies or forgeries targeting your store.

Ensure that your staff are trained to deal with critical situations professionally and effectively. That way, even if no authoritative forces are around to assist, the employees have a better chance of de-escalating any threats or keeping themselves and other shoppers safe.

Make sure that you avoid keeping large deposits in your retail property, as this can be one of the main factors that tempt robbers into setting sights on your outlet.

So, What Is Retail Security?

Retail security is a multifaceted approach to securing and safeguarding a retail property or business. They focus on mitigating the risk of potential crimes and reducing the damages that occur to your outlets as a result of that.

It is also important to consider investing in the most efficient and effective security measures and staying protected from unwanted incidents, both internal and external, using efficient methods.

If you are interested in learning more regarding the latest retail news, check out some of our other articles on how to be an efficient retail security officer, or how to get a retail security job.

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