How To Get A Retail Security Job?

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21st December 2020

retail security job

A number of industries are employing security guards, but the retail industry is one of the most active and largest employers of both experienced and novice security guards, and for good reason.

Even though the overall crime rate in different regions is on the downswing, commercial and retail property’s burglary and vandalism is still a serious problem to consider.

While modern surveillance and CCTV systems and detection units are one of best to consider for retail security measures, still, this is only a security guard who can offer you physical protection services for your property.

As the mantra of security guard goes, true retail security starts within the perimeter walls. This protection mindset is translating into a great need of hiring professionally trained and certified security guards.

A Complete Guide To Get A Retail Security Job

Do you want to get a retail security job? But don’t know how to start preparing for this? Let’s have a look at the detailed guide given below.

Retail Security Job Requirements

If you are interested in getting a retail security job then you must have to complete the required qualifications and training first for this. More often, security guards require special education, skills and training to get a retail security job. Even in some states, certification is required too.

However, you can improve your overall employability with a combination of education, certification, skills and training.

All aspiring retail security officers have to complete their high school or GED and turn to 18 before applying for any of the available retail security job options.

Training of a security guard usually addresses the topics like CPR, crowd control, workplace violence and theft prevention, security guard roles and note taking. While, for armed security guards, additional firearm training is also required.

When it comes to security guards’ certification, each state has its own regulations. However, some common certifications include, Associate Protection Professional, Professional Certified Investigator, Physical Security Professional and Certified Protection Professional.

Research The Possible Places To Apply

If you are looking for a retail security job then the best way to get it is by checking online resources to find available job vacancies. Even more you can also contact a career development company.

If you are searching for possible retail security job vacancies online, then make sure to prepare a list of available options and then choose some of the best options as per your qualification, perks and job experience.

Then send your CV and resume and wait for an interview call from the potential retail business.

Prepare Your Resume

This is one of the most important parts of preparing for your retail security job. It is highly important to make your resume highly effective and attractive to improve your chances of getting hired for your preferable position.

There are certainly some essential skills that hiring managers are looking for, make sure to take benefit of these essential skills in your resume and emphasize them more, to improve your chances of getting a retail security job.

However, here we have some of the most important resume tips for you that you must consider while preparing a resume for a retail security job.

  • Make sure to include your internships, past work experience and specific skills besides your education in your resume.
  • Make sure to pay high attention to details in your resume.
  • Utilize a strong sense of personal integrity here.
  • Focus more on your communication skills part and describe that well, because communication is key.
  • Highlight your proven track of honesty.
  • Present yourself as a goal-oriented, passionate, and self-motivated individual.
  • Mentioning critical thinking capabilities is important too.
  • Let the employer know that you can focus on surroundings and people alike effectively.

Even if you don’t have much prior work experience, then including things given below can also work in your favor:

  • Volunteer work especially with guard or crowd control in events
  • Any work experience as bouncer or customer service
  • Military experience, if any.
  • Interview pointers that you must know

If you are appearing in an interview, it is highly important to work on your communication skills prior. You must be able to answer the questions of the employer.

Understand where you need to stay calm and where you have to handle the situation with your skills in a more effective way.

Interviews can be a difficult part of your getting a retail security job process, but being prepared for this will certainly help you in the process.

Extra Tips To Get A Retail Security Guard Job

Even though the basic duties of a retail security job are monitoring buildings, preventing retail business, and guard the retail business physically in case of any theft or violence. However, some additional things which can make you more capable of getting a retail security job may include:


  • Ability to pre-inspect the threat as well as apprehend individuals.
  • Capability to manage the overall security system of retail business.
  • Get connected and establish a good relationship with law enforcement, emergency medical service providers, and fire departments as well to tackle any unwanted incident in a more effective way.
  • Ability to communicate in a more effective way both in written and orally.
  • You must be able to think critically and quickly.
  • To become a retail security officer, you need to be mindful of public service and customers.
  • Be allowed to carry a handgun legally.
  • Ability of good judgement in potentially dangerous or critical situations.
  • Having knowledge of law governs the security field.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are considering expanding your efficiency as a retail security guard, or you are planning to switch your career by opting for a retail security job, this guide can be a go-to option for you to get some actionable tips and in-depth concepts.

Even though the exact requirements as well as scope of practice depends upon the region you are in, however, several universal tips and protocols here will certainly help you in the process of getting a retail security job.

Not only are these good practices, but they also apply to different aspects of security, from reception and building security, to event security.

So, make sure to give it a read and consider information given here as an effective source.

Interested in knowing more about retail security? Check out our news page so that you can stay up to date with all the latest retail news.

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