What Can Retail Security Guards Do?
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4th February 2021

With almost 75% of retail loss coming from theft, it is important to keep your stock secure at all times. Well, everyone can have security cameras installed in their place and also have some ammunition along them in their shop or store. But the thing that is missed is the special training, courage, and intelligence. Most of the time a guard is seen to be idle that’s why people usually think that it is useless to have retail security guards provide their service.

But this is a very wrong concept because having retail security guards at your place comes with a lot of benefits and services. So, here we will discuss what retail security guards do.

Visibly Tell Everyone That the Place Is Secure

The very first and the most effective thing is that people know that you have security. Although you can install the security cameras, they are unable to physically stop individuals like shoplifters.

On the other hand, when you have retail security guards, the shoplifters know that there is a resistance, so they abide by doing all their shady activities. This might not seem effective but when there is a person in the uniform of a guard and has the authority to stop any negative activity, this becomes very effective.

Retail Security Guards Are Trained To Recognise Suspicious Activities

As mentioned above, the thing that is lacking in most of us is special training. The retail security guards are authorized after proper training that makes them very different from normal people like us. During this training period, they get to learn a lot, and this helps them in identifying anything suspicious before it happens.

So, if some suspicious person enters your place or some suspicious vehicle is present, the retail security guards will automatically get alerted.

Retail Security Guards Provide Hidden Services

All of the retail security guards do not work on the front end as some can provide hidden services as well. These services include the following things.

  • Keeping track of all the CCTV cameras.
  • Responding to teammates if something is suspected.
  • Respond on the front end in case of emergency to ensure security.

The best part about the services from the retail security guards is that the suspects will not know that they are being monitored. On the other hand, these retail security guards will provide their services undercover.

They Are Alert Enough To Notify Security Professionals

What happens when someone points a gun at you. Well, most of us are not very comfortable with this situation and we get frightened. In this way, the looters or shoplifters easily do their work. This is not the case with the retail security guards.

They are trained to deal with these situations with confidence and they make sure to perform their best. The best part about these services is that they are alert enough to involve other authorized individuals from forces like police. This further increases your security.

They Keep An Eye On Everyone That Visits The Place

A major part of security is monitoring. With a lot of people visiting your store, it will get difficult to monitor all of them. This gets especially difficult when you have to deal with the customers. So, the retail security guards make sure that nobody gets out of their sight.

They already get alerted by suspicious people and they keep an eye on everyone to make sure that the security of the place is not compromised. This gets even better because the retail security guards know when to respond to any event and they respond to that in the best possible way.

Their Actions Ensure The Security Of Customers And Employees

In the case of an armed robbery, the security of both the customers and the employees are at a risk. But when you have an operative team of retail security guards, you do not need to worry.

It is because the professionals know about dealing with these situations. So, making the good usage of their knowledge, they make sure that they act rightly. This, however, helps them in stopping all the suspicious activities at the right time.

This is one of the biggest reasons why the places with retail security guards are safe and the ratio of injuries or casualties at those places is very minimal.

They Make Sure No Loophole is Left in the Security of the Place

One thing that the looters or shoplifters are looking for is the loopholes in the security system of a place. This means that they keep track of any door or entry that is not secured. With almost 230,000 cases of shoplifting reported in England and Wales in 2020/2021, you need to make sure all your bases are covered.

When you get the services of retail security guards, they make sure that none of the entry of your place becomes a beneficial loophole for the shoplifters. In this way, the security of your place is ensured.

Retail Security Guards Handle All Emergencies Intelligently 

When there is an emergency, it is very important to act intelligently. This means knowing when to react and how to react. Some shoplifters are not that strong, and they can be taken down easily while some are very strong and armed as well.

The retail security guards make sure to judge the situation and they make intelligent decisions after judging the situation. These decisions define the following things.

  • How they will protect the customers and employees.
  • How they will protect the belongings of the store and people.
  • How they will inform the police or other forces.
  • How they will deal with the shoplifters.

Intelligently making all these decisions on the run-time enables them to perform very well.


A team of retail security guards can be one of the best teams that you can appoint for your store, shop, or place. Although people think that they do nothing but idly sit down, they are very effective and here we discussed different aspects of how the retail security guards are very beneficial for you.

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