Northampton Retail Crime Initiative
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11th November 2020

You’re probably here because you have no idea what the ‘Northampton Retail Crime Initiative’ is and would like to find out more about it, whatever the reason might be. In this article, we’ve answered to your question so keep on reading to find out the information you’ve been looking for. But before that, let’s look at some crime statistics in Northampton.

Crime in Northampton

Although Northampton is not considered a dangerous area, crime is still above the national average and reports indicate that there are over 2,500 violent cases per month.

Additionally, our research concludes that there are an estimated 43 violent-related cases for every 1000 residents, and violent crime has surged by an astonishing 20.5% since September 2019, suggesting that Northampton has the 13th highest crime rate out of 104 England and Wales areas.

Following violent crime, is anti-social behaviour, which has also risen in Northampton; a total of 19%. For every 1000 people, police receive approximately 34 reports for this felony, and it equals 26.4% of Northampton’s total crime.

In contrast to these statistics, shoplifting and theft has in fact declined within the district. Between October 2019 and October 2020, the figure has significantly decreased by an amazing 28.8%, amounting to just over 3,000 cases.

Tackling Northampton’s Crime

An appalling insight of abuse against staff working in retail stores across Northampton has been released, with incidents such as staff being spat at, coughed at, and threatened.

Multiple colleagues at a CO-OP convenience store state that they were verbally abused, and some were even physically threatened. The retailer, which has multiple branches throughout the country, is joining forces with other stores in a plea to better protect its workers, as new figures have seen verbal abuse surge by 175% and assaults escalate by 100% since the start of the year.

Recently, there have been news that evoked additional policing throughout Northampton’s city centre. The officers have been funded by Northampton Business Improvement District to promote a safe and secure area. With Christmas just around the corner, retail crime is bound to spiral, so tackling security and safety in Northampton is vital.

Retail Security in Northampton

Nevertheless, security is still imperative, despite the apparent diminish of robbery within Northampton. A survey conducted by the British Retail Consortium found that the total recorded losses to retail crime in 2019 was up to £1 billion, an increase of 9% in comparison to the results from 2018.

Retailers continue to be a target for thieves, and the acts of committing these crimes, have become even more sophisticated. Storefront security in Northampton is just as important as any other location because thieves can strike at any moment, and frequently find the opportunity to fill their bags with products.

The protection of your premises is only possible as a result of high-quality storefront security, like vigilant security guards. They are an effective deterrent against theft and many retailers will benefit from their presence.

Approximately 40% of incidents reported to Retailers Against Crime are related to organised larcenies, often conducted in groups, with some members distracting staff while others continue to commit the robbery. A security officer stationed at the entrance of your retail store, will be able to monitor any suspicious behaviour whilst aiding the preservation of your valuable stock.

Northampton Retail Crime Initiative

The NRCI was founded in 2001, in hopes to combat retail crime and antisocial behaviour in Northampton and all surrounding towns. Their ethos is to “Prevent, Disrupt and Deter” those with plans on committing retail crime. The organisation has over 200 members that range from the largest national retailers to smaller, independent businesses.

Joining a partnership like the Northampton Retail Crime Initiative will help you to reduce shoplifting and anti-social behaviour, as well as empower you and your employees. It is worth visiting their website and familiarising yourself with ways you can get involved.


In conclusion, it is definitely worth making security a priority for your Northampton retail store, because even though shoplifting statistics may have diminished, violence proceeds to heighten, and retail workers are often worried for their safety and wellbeing. Ensuring you have a thorough security solution in place from a professional retail security company is the only way you can keep your stock from the prying hands of careless culprits.

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