Leicester’s Crime Rates; Are They Increasing?

As one of the UK’s most ancient cities, Leicester holds an array of historical factors; its renowned cathedral has been present for almost a century and contains the body of Richard III. Understandingly, many people across the country may visit Leicester to explore its tourist attractions, but the city has admittedly developed a negative reputation surrounding criminal activity. In this article, we will be exploring different crimes and whether residents in Leicester should consider security.

Violent crime in Leicester

Discouragingly, violence is a substantial dilemma in Leicester; it has escalated by an extensive 8.6%. This unfortunately totals the majority of Leicester’s felonies as it makes up 33.6% of all offences within the city. Moreover, our research evokes that knife crime is at its highest peak and the area recorded its largest rate of knife crime in over a decade.

Overall, there were 869 serious knife crimes that were reported to Leicestershire Police in 2019, which is up 5% in comparison to 2018. Additionally, the district saw 5 murders, 13 attempted murders, 8 rapes or sexual assaults, 286 robberies, and 122 threats to kill.

Public-order crime in Leicester

Despite Leicester’s violent crime conundrum, public-order issues are another problem that the city should monitor. According to Plumpot, it is the fastest growing crime in the region and has risen by a shocking 24.7%. Between the periods of October 2019 and October 2020, there were 9,337 public-order related activities and equals 10% of all crimes.

Leicester’s anti-social behaviour

With a location as dense as Leicester and a population of 552,000 people, considering all of the potential hazards are vital. Although anti-social behaviour is one of the less frequent felonies, it has still grown by 9%, over the course of 12 months.

Many of us are not familiar with what anti-social behaviour consists of and you may be wondering, “what exactly is anti-social behaviour?”; it is when a person causes trouble, annoyance, or minor harm to others. However, it also includes graffitiing, littering, fly tipping, racism, and alcohol or drug use which leads to trouble.

Leicestershire County Council have written a statement that suggests they are “committed to doing all it can to help prevent the problems caused by anti-social behaviour” and they urge you to report all instances by contacting Leicestershire Police.

Have any criminal activities decreased within Leicester?

The figures we have witnessed are not particularly optimistic, but you will be glad to know that there is some hope. Criminal damage and arson has in fact minimised by 7.3% within Leicester, vehicle-related crime has fallen by an amazing 29.4% and burglary has decreased by a significant 30%. It is also worth noting that the possession of weapons throughout the borough has declined too.

Is Leicester safe overall?

Leicester is not an unsafe city. Although some statistics may appear to be daunting, there is advanced policing across the district and one study has inferred that locals do in fact feel secure. Some people imply that the area is underrated, due to its superb range of visitor attractions and shopping that is second to none.

An appraisal by the HMICFRS concluded that the extent to which Leicestershire Police is effective at reducing crime and keeping people safe is good, with investigations being handled by appropriately-trained staff and knowledge in protecting the vulnerable.

Should I consider security in Leicester?

Security should be a priority, whether the location you reside in is safe or not. Hiring a security guard for your business will tremendously dissuade any possible threats, due to their vigilant eye and ability to discourage culprits. Finding a security company in Leicester with high-quality, superior services will allow you to have peace of mind knowing you are at a low risk of being victimised.


After taking everything into account, the police are doing everything they can to protect Leicester’s citizens and deter crime. Even though certain crime rates have enlarged, the city is far from being the most dangerous place.

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Top 8 Reasons To Visit Leicester

Leicester is often described as underrated; many of its residents imply that it is a “safe and friendly city” with a diverse community and great culture. The area is unique, it is able to combine the finest traditions with a captivating urban life.

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Crime in Leicester

Shockingly, Leicester’s violent crime rate has surged over the course of twelve months. Since September 2019, violence has swept across the city and resulted in an escalation of 7.5%; it makes up 33.1% of all felonies within the borough. Research reveals that 34 offences are reported to Leicestershire Police per 1000 people.

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The History Of Leicester

Leicester is one of England’s oldest cities; located in the East Midlands, the district sits on the River Soar and is near the National Forest. Leicester’s name originates from Old English, the first half is the name of its locals, “ligore” and the second part of its name is the Old English word ‘ceaster’, translating to ‘town’.

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