How Safe Is Gloucester?

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29th October 2020

how safe is gloucester

How Safe Is Gloucester?

Gloucester, a place chiefly known for its stunning array of different historical architecture and sights to see, has also seen its fair share of crime and criminal activity over the years. It’s a question that springs to mind for most of us when presented with the prospect of visiting or even living in a given city, how safe is that city?

Gloucester Crime Rate

At the moment, Gloucester currently has a crime rate of 87 per 1000 people. Some of the most common crimes are violent crimes, sexual offences and antisocial behaviour crimes. The biggest issue when it comes to crime in Gloucester is antisocial behaviour, making up 40.5% of all crimes, this is a huge issue as it currently sits at 148% of the national crime rate, meaning it is nearly 50% higher than the average in the UK.

Antisocial behaviour is a fairly broad term in the grand scheme of things, it refers to many different types of activity from causing a nuisance in terms of noise to trespassing on someone else’s property.

This can be an issue for a lot of people, as whilst anti-social behaviour does not cover acts of violence or aggression, it does make the area wherein it is occurring a lot less pleasant to be around. This is also seen to be getting worse, as this figure actually comes after a 39.9% increase over the previous year’s findings making for a worrying statistic.

Looking at the other crime figures for Gloucester paints a vastly different picture than the anti-social behaviour data would lead you to believe. This is due to every other reported type of crime being below the national average, with the closest, bicycle theft crime, being only 89% and dropping.  Now, whilst some aspects of crime have shot up such as public order crime seeing a massive 79.1% jump up, it still only sits at 73% of the national crime rate average.

Gloucester Crime Statistics

From this data, it is easy to extrapolate that in actuality Gloucester is a relatively safe place to live, with all but anti-social behaviour being relatively low in comparison to the national average. For those interested in the individual wards within Gloucester and whether they are safe, here is a ranking of them by crimes committed per 1,000 people by GloucestershireLive

  • Hucclecote 22.01
  • Longlevens 22.8
  • Abbey 23.35
  • Elmbridge 28.02
  • Quedgeley Severn Vale 29.52
  • Grange 43.67
  • Tuffley 52.99
  • Moreland 54.22
  • Quedgeley Fieldcourt 57.46
  • Barnwood 60.94
  • Matson and Robinswood 68.44
  • Podsmead 89.07
  • Kingsholm and Wotton 100.45
  • Barton and Tredworth 103.13
  • Westgate 409.49

As you can see, there is a huge discrepancy in crime between different areas in Gloucester, with Westgate seeing over 400 crimes committed per 1,000 people meanwhile, Hucclecote only sees just over 22. Living in, working in and visiting Gloucester is like any other city, in the long run, ensuring you keep your wits about you along with other necessary precautions such as locking doors and not walking home drunk at night time when it is most difficult to defend yourself can go a long way.

Is Gloucester A Safe Place To Live?

A common question asked about Gloucester is whether it is a safe place to live. At the moment, Gloucester is considered to be the most dangerous town in the whole of Gloucestershire. However, many people who live in Gloucester have said that they feel safe within area.

Most Safest Places To Live In Gloucester

Despite being considered as the most dangerous town in Gloucestershire, there are many safe areas within Gloucester. The most safest place to live in Gloucester are:

  • Hucclecote
  • Longlevens
  • Abbey
  • Elmbridge

What Is The Most Dangerous Area In Gloucester?

According to CrimeRate, the most dangerous area in Gloucester is Central Gloucester & Hempsted. This area currently has a crime count of 3,195 crimes committed within the last year.

Is Gloucester A Nice Place To Live?

Although Gloucester can have a high crime rate at times, it is still considered to be a nice place to live. Gloucester is filled with culture as is home to many attractions such as Gloucester Cathedral, the National Waterways Museum, and Beatrix Potter’s House.

To keep updated with all the latest South West news, head over to our news page where you can find articles about which is better Gloucester or Cheltenham, and about what crime in the South West Of England is really like.

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