What Does A Security Guard Do?
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1st April 2021

Security officers are often some of the most critical staff on-site at any given location. As they ensure that any location, whether it be a construction site or a retail business, is protected. And security guards can be the difference between a company swimming or sinking. However, to understand how security guards can do this, it is important to know what the role of a security guard is and what does a security guard do.

What Is A Security Guard?

A security guard is someone who is licenced by The SIA and is hired by companies to carry out security-related activities. There are many benefits of having a security guard, and guards will be hired by companies to protect either a business, people, or valuables.

Guards may have to do patrols and inspect property against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and any other illegal activity. The main reason people hire security guards is to try and prevent crime. Read our article, “Do Security Guard Reduce Crime?” to find out more information on how security guards can help to stop crime.

What Is The Role Of A Security Guard?

There are many roles that a security guard may have to do, and some may even fall outside of their job description. To find out more about what a security guard job description is, read our article, “Security Guard Job Description 2022”. But the main role of a security guard will always be to protect people, buildings, or valuables away from any harm.

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What Does A Security Guard Do?

A common question asked about security guards is “what do guards do?”. What a security guard does will depend on what duties or tasks that a guard has, and guards will have many tasks and duties to complete. Below, we have listed some tasks that security guards do.

Control Access For Employees, Visitors, And Outside Contractors

Security guards are responsible for controlling who enters and exits the premises that they are guarding. Sometimes they might need to keep a record of who is entering and exiting the premises, when they entered and how long they stayed. This is usually recorded in a logbook supplied by the employer.

Protect And Enforce Laws On An Employer’s Property

When you are a security guard you are responsible for protecting the people and items on the employer’s property but also stopping any unlawful activity like criminal damage and theft. When a security guard sees any unlawful activity, they need to report it to the police and ensure that all evidence is preserved at the scene of the crime.

Monitor Alarms And Closed-Circuit TV Camera

Monitoring alarms and CCTV is a crucial role in a security guard’s job. As guards will monitor alarms or CCTV to check for any suspicious activity. Security officers who are monitoring CCTV footage may be asked to watch footage from multiple areas within a client’s property. The guard will need to have good concentration skills and be well-rested if this is a late-night shift.

Responding To Emergencies

To ensure proper response in case of an emergency, security guards should carry out regular drills. During the drills, the security guard should let everyone know what is expected from them. They should also be responsible for contacting the emergency services and evacuating the area in the actual event of something serious happening.

Write Daily Reports

In some jobs, a security guard may be expected to write daily reports. the security guard should be reporting about their daily activities and irregularities. This includes things such as equipment or property damage, theft, the presence of unauthorised persons, and unusual occurrences.

Answering Phone Calls

A security guard may be the only person at an employee’s premises late at night. This means they are responsible for any phone calls and should act as a pseudo receptionist. They should also check that the heating and other electrical equipment aren’t being left on overnight.

Preventing Criminal Acts

Having great observation skills is a required qualification to have in any security officer job. Security guards will use these observation skills to help them prevent criminal activity, as they will often monitor CCTV, conduct surveillance, perform safety audits of the facility, and investigate all suspicious circumstances. Security guards also act as a visual deterrent against thieves and other criminals.

Assisting the Public

Working with the public is also part of security officer duties. Guards will often greet people and identify visitors, give directions, redirect individuals who are present in an unauthorised area, such as backstage at a concert, and answer any questions by people in a polite and friendly manner. Another way that guards can help assist the public is on a college campus, as security officers will give presentations to students on personal safety and about how to protect their belongings from wannabe thieves.

Read our Security Guard Guide, to find out more about what responsibilities a security guard may have.

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Where Do Security Guards Work?

Security officers should stay vigilant throughout their work, searching for any suspicious activity through all their shifts. In a crisis, security guards may have to call emergency services such as the police to deal with potential criminals. A security officer’s work duties will change depending on their role and on what particular location they are working at:

  • In retail security , security officers ensure individuals, documents, products, money, and hardware are kept secure and protected. They may work with retail store detectives to prevent any criminal activity by customers or staff.
  • In places of business, such as offices, banks, hotels, and hospitals, security guards keep everything under control and ensure the association’s clients, staff, and property are sufficiently protected.
  • In museums or art galleries, guards may be tasked with monitoring and ensuring the safety and protection of prized art pieces. This would be done by monitoring guests, checking for suspicious items, and surveying areas and safety mechanisms for any potential tampering.
  • While security officers who work in factory security, government buildings, and military bases, security officers protect data and items and are tasked with checking the credentials of individuals and vehicles entering and leaving the premises.
  • At colleges, in parks, and at sports arenas, security guards maintain crowd control, regulate parking and seating, and direct traffic.
  • At bars and dance clubs, security officers (or bouncers) prevent under-age individuals from entering, gather entrance fees at the entryway, and keep everything under control among customers.
  • Guards who function as transportation security screeners ensure individuals, transportation gear, and cargo at air terminals, train stations, and other transportation offices remain accounted for and well protected.
  • Security guards may be hired as a bodyguard to help protect celebrities. Read our other article, to find out more about the differences between a bodyguard and a security guard.

Read our articles, “Where Do Security Guards Work?” and “What Are The Different Types Of Security Guard Services?” to find out more about the different areas and sectors security guards can work in.

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What Is It Like To Be A Security Guard?

As security officers work under a wide assortment of conditions, they will often spend a lot of time on their feet, either allotted to a particular post or patrolling a given area. Some may sit for extended periods behind a counter or in a guardhouse at the passage to a gated office or local area. Some security officers provide around-the-clock security, working longer shifts and switching off with other officers to ensure 24-hour protection of a property.

While other guards who work in as transportation security screeners may work in air, ocean, and rail terminals and other transportation offices, and are utilized by the central government. Security guards who work as gaming surveillance officials do the greater part of their work in club observation rooms, utilizing sound and video hardware to scan for any potentially dangerous situations.

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