What Are The Different Types Of Security Guard Services?
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30th June 2021

different types of security guard services

The security guard industry is a huge part of the economy and has grown significantly in recent years. Despite its vast size, many people continue to mistakenly believe that the services it provides are all the same. This misconception couldn’t be more wrong, though! There are many types of security guarding services to choose from, and each one is better suited for specific needs.

If you’re struggling to determine what type of security guard services your business needs, then we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look into the security industry, from the various services it provides to the environments that each role is best suited for.

What are the Different Types of Security Guard Services?

The security industry is diverse, which is why not all officers have undergone the same training or handle the same set of responsibilities. Their skills and duties are hinged on the client or the environment that they’re required to be in.

This means that security guards can’t be interchanged and should be hired for different types of security services based on the specific purpose that they’ll be fulfilling. With that, here’s a breakdown of a different types of security guard services.

Commissioned Officers

Also referred to as “Armed Guards,” Commissioned Officers are those who have gone through a rigorous 30-hour program that involves advanced training in handling firearms. Only after earning their certification, they will be allowed to carry a weapon with them at all times.

The extra training that Commissioned Officers are required to go through makes them ideal for dangerous or life-and-death situations, such as protecting large amounts of money, expensive items, and high-security locations. This role is incredibly risky since they’re almost always in scenarios that may result in altercations or worse.

Non-Commissioned Officers

As their name suggests, Non-Commissioned Officers or “Unarmed Guards” are those whose duties are restricted to providing light security and maintaining order. While they aren’t allowed to carry weapons, most are equipped with tools like batons and pepper spray, which is why they’re still capable of restraining disorderly individuals should the need arise.

Unarmed Guards are a popular choice when the situation’s threat level is low or if the use of an Armed Guard would cause undue panic or concern. For example, these types of security officers are often seen in school settings, retail establishments, and location entry points.

Personal Protection Officers

More commonly known as “Bodyguards,” Personal Protection Officers are often used by high-profile figures, such as politicians, celebrities, and professional athletes. They’re paid to be with their client around the clock, which means that they know every detail of their schedules and are privy to confidential information.

The skillsets which is required for this role as a type of bodyguard varies. For instance, some Personal Protection Officers have gone through advanced training in firearms, physical combat, and evasive driving. They may even be well-versed in quickly assessing situations, maintaining client relationships, and instantly making sound decisions.

To find out the difference between a security guard and a bodyguard please read our other article.

Government Security Guards

Officers that are contracted by a government are often armed and highly trained. Their primary role is to secure a particular location or facility, including courthouses and centres of military operation. However, they may also be called on to defend personnel and property if a high-risk situation arises.

Besides the usual skills required in the industry, Government Security Guards must also have a “clean” background before they can assume the position. More often than not, those with criminal histories aren’t considered viable candidates.

Event Security Guards

Given how visible they usually are, Event Security Guards are arguably the most well-known in the industry. They’re mainly responsible for crowd control and maintaining order during things like concerts, sports events, professional conferences, and the like.

The duties of an Event Security Guard also include ensuring that people are only staying in areas where they’re allowed to and aren’t bringing restricted items into the venue. They may be called to prevent or break up physical altercations, especially in events involving a lot of alcohol or where emotions run high.

How Many Types Of Security Guards Are There?

The list above is by no means an in-depth view of the security industry or the guard industry. These fields are vast and will contain many other niche roles. For example, there are security officers responsible for remote CCTV monitoring and those trained to maintain order in corporate offices and residential areas.

There isn’t a specific number of the different types of security guards, mainly because the industry is fast-paced and must keep up with the changing consumer demands. For instance, Entry Point Security Guards at buildings are gradually being phased out due to technologies like motion sensors, biometrics, and keypads.

On the other hand, the COVID-19 global pandemic saw an increased demand for officers trained to work in retail establishments and medical facilities.


 The security industry’s services are diverse but often overlooked by those who do not understand its value to their business or personal needs. When you’re looking for different types of security guard service providers in your area, don’t forget that there may be many options suited to specific desires or goals! 

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