Is Liverpool A Safe City?

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7th May 2021

Is Liverpool A Safe City

Located at the intersection of the River Mersey and the Irish Sea, Liverpool is a maritime city in Merseyside, England that lies 176 miles northwest of London. Besides its historical docks, it’s also known as the birthplace of The Beatles.

Liverpool was once considered the European Capital of Culture, which is why it continues to draw millions of tourists and immigrants each year. With its mix of art, culture, sport, and modern technology, this city is definitely worth a visit. But with such a bustling city, the risk of crime is naturally higher. This leads to the question: is Liverpool a safe city?

Is Liverpool A Safe City?

Many mistakenly believe that Liverpool is riddled with crime, but statistics show that the city is actually one of the safest areas to live in, especially when compared to other parts in the north.

The number of offences committed continues to fall year after year and this, combined with its robust law enforcement, makes it a relatively low-risk place.

What Is Liverpool’s Crime Rate?

Given that the last census placed Liverpool’s population at about 906,000, the city is undoubtedly one of the largest in the United Kingdom. However, its crime rates are considerably low, compared to other metropolitan areas in the country.

Between the months of May 2019 and June 2020, there was a  total of 166,837 crimes reported throughout Liverpool, which puts it at a rate of 185 per population of 1,000. The majority of these consisted of violence and sex-related offences, both of which were reported 51,235 times.

The city is currently experiencing a rise in crimes related to drugs, violence, and sex, with the charge of disturbing the public order having seen the most increase. However, rates for those that involve burglary, theft, and arson have significantly gone down in the past few years.

Recent nationwide data hasn’t been consolidated yet, although information gathered between January 2015 and December 2016 shows that Liverpool has the 21st highest crime rate in the United Kingdom, making it much safer than other northern cities like Manchester and Newcastle.

Is Liverpool Safe At Night?

Known for its bustling entertainment scene, Liverpool is widely regarded as one of the best places in the United Kingdom for a night out. This reputation also stems from the fact that the city is far from crime-ridden, with a 2011 survey demonstrating that 60 percent of its residents continued to feel safe roaming its streets even after the clock had struck 10 p.m.

Liverpool is safe at night but it could have a few improvements to improve its safety. For instance, the city’s nightlife is characterized by intoxicated individuals, whose drunken states often render them loud, unruly, and raucous.

In fact, these behaviours are the main reason why some residents feel unsafe at night and why some are advocating for an increased police presence in the evenings, as well as for stricter regulations regarding alcohol consumption.

To combat this issue, the local government recently implemented a campaign called “Drink Less, Enjoy More,” which made it illegal for bar patrons to purchase alcohol on behalf of someone who is already inebriated. This has proven to be very effective; in May 2013, 84 percent of drunken club-goers continued to be served alcohol, but in February 2019, this figure had drastically fallen to 25.7 percent.

Other efforts include increased police patrols in the city centres on weekend nights, the installation of more security cameras in public places, and upgraded lighting in certain areas, all of which have greatly improved the sense of safety and security in Liverpool at night.

is liverpool a safe place to live

Is Liverpool Safe For Tourists?

Liverpool is considered one of the safest cities in the United Kingdom for tourists, even for those who are alone and unaccompanied by an official guide. However, travellers are still urged to keep an eye out for pickpockets, especially in the city centre and in crowded tourist areas.

More than that, though, the city recommends tourists to stay away from the areas surrounding the neighbourhoods of Toxteth, Dingle, and Wavertree as these have a reputation for petty criminals and other rough characters.

Is Liverpool A Friendly City?

According to Rough Guides, many people consider Liverpool to be the fourth-friendliest city in the entire world, due to its welcoming atmosphere and approachable locals.

This was echoed by a survey carried out by the country’s national job board, C-V Library, which found that Liverpool was regarded as one of the friendliest cities in the United Kingdom, alongside Birmingham, Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds, and Belfast, among others.

Is Liverpool A Good Place To Live?

Liverpool is a good and popular place to live. Thanks to its stellar public transportation system, average living costs, and outstanding schools, Liverpool is perceived to be one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom.

It even ranked at 110th in a 2015 survey that asked respondents to score which cities in the country they were good enough to settle down in.

Liverpool is also a great choice for those whose lifestyles are hinged on technology. For instance, the city boasts of a 99 percent coverage from mobile phone networks, as well as broadband speeds that are faster than the country’s average.

Is Liverpool Safe?

Overall given all these facts and figures, it’s clear that Liverpool is safe despite its crime. And it can also be thought of as one of the best cities in the world to visit.

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