Is Liverpool Safer Than Manchester?
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13th May 2021

Liverpool and Manchester are some of the biggest cities in the UK, with vibrant nightlife, great shopping districts, universities and event spaces. The cities at their shortest point are only around 35 miles apart and are both located in North West England. Both cities, however, have at times had a negative reputation for crime, leading to the question: Is Liverpool Safer Than Manchester?

Which Is Bigger Liverpool Or Manchester

Comparing the size and population of cities is not as easy as it sounds, as what constitutes the boundary of a city is difficult to define. While it may be easy to simply think of the size of the local authority, there are some clear issues with this when we consider that there is no London based local authority. This means that areas that are considered part of the city may not be counted in the main local authority.

Population wise, the Office of National Statistics found that in 2020 the population of Greater Manchester was  2,807,000 while Merseyside (where Liverpool is situated) had a population of 1,409,000. When it comes to area, the cities are pretty similar- with Liverpool measuring around 111.8km2 and Manchester is 115.6km2. This shows us that Manchester has a far denser population than Liverpool.

Liverpool Crime Rates

Contrary to the reputation often reported in the media, Liverpool has been voted one of the UK’s most secure cities. This information was collected in a survey earlier this year by

The data took into account 32 different factors, including the number of police officers in the area, crimes per 1000 people, the number of CCTV cameras and resident safety. It ranked highly with residents who felt safe within the city and has the highest amount of CCTV cameras out of the 32 cities studied. However, it had fewer police officers than other cities of a similar size.

According to Verisure, by far, the most common crimes in Liverpool were anti-social behaviour, followed by violence, criminal damage and burglary. These crimes can all affect businesses, shops and commercial premises. The roughest parts of the city with the highest amount of violent crime are Liverpool Hub 1 and St Helens, according to recent statistics from the Merseyside Police.

Manchester has the highest crime index at 56.34, compared to Liverpool at 44.50, meaning that you are more likely to be a victim of crime in Manchester

Manchester Crime Rates

The survey that we discussed above ranked Manchester as being one of the UK’s least secure cities, coming in second bottom. It has one of the higher amounts of crimes on its list as well as a high amount of burglaries per 1000 people. However, one positive from the survey is that it did show that Manchester has a greater number of police officers than other cities.

According to Verisure, the most common crimes in Manchester are anti-social behaviour followed by violence, criminal damage and burglary – exactly like that of Liverpool. Again these crimes can affect commercial premises and businesses, so additional security may be a good idea. Plumpot evidence shows that the violent crime rate in Manchester is not only increasing but is higher than the average levels for England and Wales.

Is Liverpool Rougher Than Manchester?

According to Numbeo’s Crime Comparison between the two cities, Manchester has the highest crime index at 56.34, compared to Liverpool at 44.50, meaning that you are more likely to be a victim of crime in Manchester. This is reflected in the city’s safety index, with Manchester being 43.66 and Liverpool at 55.50. Manchester, in fact, has a higher crime index than many major cities, including London and Edinburgh.

The data also shows a breakdown of the types of crime in each city. There are some positives for both regions, with both Manchester and Liverpool having low levels of corruption and bribery and public worries about being subjected to a physical attack due to their skin colour, gender or religion. Both cities did, however, rank highly for drug dealing. In the areas of vandalism and theft, Manchester ranked higher than Liverpool. 


Every city has its safer parts and areas that are more dangerous, and Liverpool and Manchester are no exception. While Liverpool may be slightly safer, it still has crime that can impact companies. Understandably, businesses may want to protect themselves so that they or their staff are not the victims of crime. There are ways to reduce your likelihood of being targeted by criminals, and one such way is by hiring a security company. A security company can install CCTV cameras to monitor premises or provide security guards for a physical presence, deterring potential criminals. Security companies can also review your current security methods, making recommendations on how to make your business safer.

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