Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In Manchester

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29th September 2022

The city of Manchester is often seen as a vibrant and bustling city in the north west of England, but like any city is no stranger to crime and dangerous areas. Discover the top 10 most dangerous areas in Manchester in today’s article.

Is Manchester A Dangerous City?

Data collated by shows that Manchester is ranked as the second least secure postcode group in the UK.

This data took into account 32 different factors, including the number of police officers in the area, crimes per 1000 people, the number of CCTV cameras and resident safety. It may have ranked particularly as the second least secure postcode group due to a variety of differing factors including having only 263 CCTV cameras (the highest in the list being Liverpool with a staggering 35,254) and 15 burglaries per every 1000 people.

However, it is important to note that the number of police officers in Manchester is particularly sizable coming in at 6,539 officers, the only higher number on the list being London, the capital city at 31,175 officers. The number of crime is also particularly high at 92,483.

According to ukcrimestats, the most common crime in Manchester is violent crime at 108,345 recording instances from the July 2018 – June 2019 period in 2021, followed by anti-social behaviour at 61,986 instances and criminal damage and arson at 34,512 instances. These crimes can all affect businesses, shops and commercial premises, so additional protections and security may need to be implemented. The high levels of anti-social behaviour are linked closely with Manchester’s large nightlife scene, with much of the anti-social behaviour being related to alcohol consumption. At the same time, criminal damage and burglary are most common in areas with business properties that have valuable assets.

Manchester’s crime rates, in general, seem particularly high than many other cities within the UK – which each have their safer areas and their more dangerous areas with higher crime levels.

most dangerous places in Manchester

What Parts Of Manchester Are Dangerous?

Data collated by Greater Manchester Police & ONS, show the crime rates per area in and around the Greater Manchester region over a twelve month area in the year ending March 2022.

Area Crime Rate




                                          Bolton                                             127.03
                                         Oldham                                              124.72
                                         Salford                                              122.99
                                        Tameside                                              119.14
                                         Wigan                                              113.14
                                          Bury                                              110.20
                                      Stockport                                               88.24
                                      Trafford                                                83.69

The Statics above show that central Manchester holds the highest crime rate at 69.37% of the national average, making it potentially the most dangerous, however other factors such as a large police presence and CCTV coverage in key areas may make the area safer at times.

top 10 most dangerous areas in Manchester

What Crimes Happen The Most In Manchester?

When considering where the roughest parts of Manchester is, it is important to not only take into consideration the total number of crimes per area but also to look at the specific types of crime.

For an area to be rough and dangerous, it is important to look at violent crimes as these are the crimes more likely to harm others. If we compare the ten areas above only on violent crimes, the results change.

The results are based on Greater Manchester Police Force’s figures gathered on types of crime in the June 2019 period.

Type of Crime                                            Figure
                                     Violent Crime                                            9,286
                               Anti Social Behaviour                                             5,631
                                      Public Order                                             3,309
                          Criminal Damage and Arson                                              2,714
                                  Vehicle Crime                                              2,339
                                    Other Theft                                              2,125
                                      Burglary                                              2,055
                              Theft From The Person                                               718
                                   Drug Crimes                                               657
                                   Other Crimes                                               641
                                      Robbery                                               463
                            Possession Of Weapons                                                324
                                      Bike Theft                                                317


most dangerous areas in manchester


Every city has its safer parts and areas that are more dangerous, and Manchester is no exception. Understandably, businesses may want to protect themselves so that they or their staff are not the victims of crime. There are ways to reduce your likelihood of being targeted by criminals, and one such way is by hiring a security company. A security company can install CCTV cameras to monitor premises or provide security guards for a physical presence, deterring potential criminals. Security companies can also review your current security methods, making recommendations on how to make your business safer.

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