Gloucester or Cheltenham, we have seen this debate rage on for years, never finding a satisfactory conclusion, both are similarly sized towns in the Gloucestershire region. Both hold their own events and have their own culture, but which one is truly the right one for you to spend your time and money in?

Well we have decided to compare the two directly on 3 basis; the living costs, things to do and the general crime rate of the area. This is due to these being the 3 core tenets that seem to work themselves into the conversations of anyone when it comes to moving into unfamiliar territory, let’s have a look shall we?

Living costs

This is something that is widely known to residents of both Cheltenham and Gloucester but not so much to others, going by the data on here are the living costs for Gloucester:

Four person family monthly costs: £2,245.30 without rent

A single person monthly costs: £659.41 without rent

Here are the living costs for Cheltenham

Four person family monthly costs: £2,472.70 without rent

A single person monthly costs: £708.42 without rent

As you can see, Cheltenham is slightly dearer when it comes to basic costs, this isn’t taking into consideration things like rent prices however, just basic purchasing needs. As far as rent is concerned, it is reported that Cheltenham has, on average, 50.48% higher renting costs than Gloucester. This means that not only are basic living costs slightly higher, but rent is considerably more expensive in Cheltenham.

Things to do

Looking now at, what are some of the top rated attractions in both areas? Let’s first take a look at Gloucester’s offerings.

  • Gloucester Cathedral
  • Jet Age Museum
  • Solders of Gloucestershire museum

And the top 3 for Cheltenham are

  • Walks with Hawks
  • Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway
  • Pittville Park

So, taking a closer look at these attractions, a trend starts to emerge, whilst Gloucester seems to have it’s roots planted firmly in its rich history and the attraction there. Cheltenham is more appealing to those of a more outdoorsy nature, with the walks with hawks event being something few towns can offer. It is really dependant on what type of activities you enjoy, if you are more of a history buff and love delving into the rich, deep historical stories of a place, you will find yourself right at home in Gloucester. If you prefer a more in the moment, experience over item type of entertainment, it would appear that Cheltenham has you covered.


Crime, something that can absolutely make or break the perfect city for someone, when moving to or visiting an area, you want to be sure that it is safe for you to live and thrive, lets look at the numbers.

All data collected is provided by Numbeo and their system of discussing crime rates.

Directly comparing the two cities see’s Cheltenham take a stark lead when it comes to being a safer city, whilst all forms of crime are rated between moderate and low within Cheltenham, the same in Gloucester are rated between moderate and high, with only 1 category being considered low, which was corruption and bribery. The way this data is collected is by discussing these issues with residents of the local area and getting their opinions of what the primary issues are surrounding crime within the city.

As you can see, whilst it certainly isn’t the worst situation, it is something to keep in mind if you are ever planning on moving to Gloucester.


In conclusion, there is no definitive right or wrong when it comes to picking from these two towns, generally however, if you are on a slightly tighter budget, Gloucester is the place to go, but with a bit more to spend then it becomes open game as both feature there own attractions.