How Safe is Bournemouth?

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8th June 2021

how safe is bournemouth

Is Bournemouth Safe?

Bournemouth is a popular holiday destination on the south coast of England for families looking to visit the seaside. Over the past few years, the city has seen an increase in population. According to World Population Review, almost 522,736 people live in Bournemouth.

But with more people living in the area, this can attract more crime. This leads us to wonder is Bournemouth safe. We’ll be discussing this and more such as whether Bournemouth is safe at night, and what crime is really like in the city.

Is Bournemouth A Safe Place To Live?

Is Bournemouth a safe place to live? This is a common question asked about the area. In general, Bournemouth is thought of as a safe place to live and work. It does not hold a bad reputation for being particularly unsafe and is seen as being quite a nice area to live in. especially due to being so close to the coastline. This makes it a very desirable area to live in and to visit.

According to Numbo, Bournemouth had a high safety ranking of 79.59% when people were asked about how safe they felt walking alone during the day. This statistic shows us that the streets of Bournemouth are quite safe and secure.

Is Bournemouth Rough?

The question many people want to be answered before visiting or moving to an area such as Bournemouth is; is Bournemouth rough? A simple answer is some areas are. As with most towns in the UK, there are certain parts of Bournemouth that are considered rough.

According to Crimerate, Bournemouth’s most dangerous area is the city centre. In 2023, the centre had a crime count of 4,609 and an average crime rate of 176 crimes per 1,000 people. The most popular crimes in Bournemouth Central were violent and sexual offences crimes, other theft incidents, and vehicle crimes.

Bournemouth crime

Is Bournemouth Safe At Night?

Bournemouth is pretty safe after dark according to Numbeo. They give the area a moderate safety rating of 45.42 when walking alone at night. However, in every town or city, there are risks that come with nightfall. Criminal activity will always increase as the sun goes down, and criminals take advantage of the dark. Therefore, it is always best to be cautious when out at night wherever you are, particularly if you are alone.

Bournemouth is home to many clubs and bars, as well as pubs and the usual hotspots for criminal behaviour in towns. With drunken behaviour comes antisocial behaviour, fights and criminal damage, which means that the streets of a once safe town could now become risky and troublesome to walk down.

Is Bournemouth Beach Dangerous?

In terms of crime and safety from criminals on Bournemouth Beach, there isn’t too much to worry about. The beach attracts families, both local and visiting on holiday, to the area. Therefore, the area doesn’t pose that much danger in that respect. Beaches in general though can become dangerous at nighttime, with criminal damage and drunken behaviour occurring in the general area around beaches, so that may be something to watch out for.

Safety at the beach due to natural hazards is a big hazard for families and adults looking to stay safe. The sea can be dangerous to be around, so it is recommended to check out local advice such as beach safety in Bournemouth sites to ensure you know how to keep safe.

Bournemouth Crime Rate

A common question asked is “Does Bournemouth have a high crime rate?”. Overall, Bournemouth’s crime rate isn’t overly high, however, it’s not particularly good either. Crimerate reported that Bournemouth was considered the most dangerous city in the whole of Dorset.

In 2023, Bournemouth had an overall crime rate of 83 crimes per 1,000 people. This was 36% higher than Dorsest’s own crime rate of 61 crimes per 1,000 people.

When compared to the whole of the UK, Bournemouth is considered to be among the top ten safest cities. It’s also thought of as the 1,658th most dangerous location of all the UK’s towns, cities, and villages. 


Overall, Bournemouth like all cities will face it’s own share of crimes. But it is relatively a safe place to visit. So, it’s important that when you visit you remember to stay vigilant and keep an eye on what crime is like in the Bournemouth’s different areas.

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