Cornwall Crime Rate 2024

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5th January 2022

Cornwall Crime Rate

Cornwall has always been considered by magazines as of one the safest places to live in the UK. But is Cornwall safe really? We’ll be discussing this and more, such as what Cornwall crime really like and which areas are the most dangerous.

Is Cornwall Safe?

For any area, this is not an easy question – Cornwall spans over 800,000 acres of land and is the 16th largest county in England. The area has busy tourist spots and wide and open countryside, and therefore, it cannot be looked at as a whole as statistics vary differently depending on the location.

Is Cornwall A Good Place To Live?

The crime rate in Cornwall varies in different areas. According to Crimerate, Cornwall had an average crime count of 36 crimes committed per 1,000 people. The most common crime to be committed was violent crimes. These were reported over 9,694 times and had an average crime of 17 crimes.  

Other crimes which threaten Cornwall’s safety are anti-social behaviour crimes, criminal damage crimes, shoplifting, and public order crimes. Last year anti-social behaviour crimes were committed 7,023 times, while criminal damage crimes were reported 2,956 times. Shoplifting crimes were reported over 1,462 times in 2023 while public order crimes were reported only 1,242 times.

The areas of Cornwall where the most crimes are reported are listed below:



Number of Crimes

Crimes Rate Per 1000










St Austell












is cornwall a good place to live

Is It Safe To Travel To Cornwall?

When we think about whether an area is safe or not, the most important statistics to look at are the violent crime rates, as these are the crimes where individuals are most likely to be harmed. According to Plumpot, Cornwall’s violent crimes made up 36.6% of the crimes that were reported in the county. Plumpot also reported that violent crimes had decreased by 14.1% from the previous year.

Is Cornwall Safe To Go On Holiday?

Every area has its parts that are safer and those that are more dangerous, and Cornwall is no exception. In comparison to a number of areas in England, however, it is a safer option.

According to statistics from Plumplot, the number of crimes per month does increase in the summer months, when tourism is at its peak, however not significantly, and police in the area are aware of this and will, therefore, be more prepared to deal with any incidents that arise.

If you are visiting the area, consider taking the usual precautions you would when visiting a busy tourist spot, ensuring that your bags are securely fastened, and your pockets are not easily accessible.


As we discussed above, Cornwall is generally a safe area with a low crime rate compared to other areas of the country. It is understandable, however, that businesses might want to obtain security to protect themselves further. Companies can do this by installing CCTV cameras or hiring a security company to provide security guards to patrol their premises. These methods will help deter any potential criminals, keeping a business safe.

Crime in the South West is increasing, check our other articles to find out what the crime is like in Dorset and whether Bournemouth is a safe place to live. Or head over to our news page so that you can keep up to date with the latest South West news.

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