What Is The Purpose Of Casino Security?

Written by Holly Savage

24th January 2023

Casinos are often at risk of many different types of security threats, so it is no wonder that they need good security. But what security is used and what is the purpose of casino security? We’ll be discussing this and more such as what a casino security guard does and whether they are the same as the police.

Do Casinos Have Security?

Yes, casinos will use a variety of different security measures to ensure the protection of their premises. The main security that casinos will have are:


  • Security Guards.
  • Security Cameras.
  • Security Alarms.
  • Security Facial Recognition Systems.

What Is The Purpose Of Casino Security?

Like all businesses, casinos will want to ensure the safety of their business for both their employees and customers. Casinos are often at risk of many security threats such as vandalism, fraud, break-ins, theft and violent crimes. So, the main purpose of security within a casino will be to provide protection to all workers and visitors at the casino and to prevent any type of security threat.

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Why Do Casinos Have Security Guards?

As we mentioned above one of the most common security measures casinos will use are security personnel. Casinos will have security guards as they are a huge benefit to physical security. Guards have been known to present a strong security presence and can often reduce crime. Some ways that guards can prevent casino crime are by acting as a visual deterrent against thieves and by doing routine patrols around the premises.

What Does A Casino Security Guard Do?

Casino security guards are a huge benefit to casinos as they add an extra layer of protection to the business. Guards who work in casinos will have many tasks and responsibilities to oversee. We have discussed some of the most common casino security officer duties in more detail.

Keeping A Watchful Eye Out For Crime

Casinos are often a target for potential crimes such as stealing and inappropriate behaviour. So, one of the main tasks that a guard will have is keeping a watchful eye on any potential crime that may take place.

Using CCTV Monitoring Equipment 

Security officers who work in casinos will sometimes use CCTV monitoring equipment such as security cameras. They will use these cameras to help them review and monitor blind spots within the casino. 

Doing Routine Patrols

Another task that guards have is conducting regular patrols around the casino. By doing these patrols, this can allow guards to keep a watchful eye out for criminals.

Making Notes Of Security Incidents

Guards will also be expected to write regular notes and report on any security incidents that take place. If a security incident does take place, security officers will have to report their notes to a higher member of staff such as a security manager or the owner of the casino. 

Notifying The Police

Another duty that security officers will have is notifying the police. Guards will do this when the crime within a casino is out of control, and they feel that the authorities need to be informed.

What is the purpose of Casino Security

What Skills Do You Need For Casino Security?

There are many different skills that casino guards will need. Some of these are:


  • Good alert skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Having good fitness.
  • Being able to write notes quickly.
  • Having a good knowledge about safety and security.
  • Good customer service skills.

How Much Do Casino Security Guards Make?

According to Glassdoor, security guards who work in casinos in the UK will earn on average £58,381 per year. However, how much a guard earns will depend on many things such as the position that they are applying for and the location that they are working in.

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How To Become A Security Guard At A Casino?

To become a UK security guard who works at a casino there are a few things you may need. Some of these are:


  1. Being at least 18 years old.
  2. Having an SIA security guard licence
  3. Being a UK citizen or having the right to work in the UK.
  4. Having a background, mental health and a criminal record check.

Do Casinos Have Armed Security?

It is possible for gambling establishments such as casinos to have armed security guards in place, but it isn’t common. For instance, all UK casinos won’t have armed security guards but gambling establishments in other countries may have armed casino security. Overall, it will often depend on the laws of the country that the casino is operating in whether armed guards will be allowed or not.

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Do Casino Security Carry Guns?

In most casinos security guards won’t carry armed weapons such as guns, but this will overall depend on the laws of the country that the casino is operating in. For example, in some states in America guards who work in casinos can carry weapons. However, in the UK, it would be impossible for a casino security officer to use or carry a gun due to the UK’s own laws on firearms.  

Can Casino Security Detain You?

A common question asked about security workers in casinos is whether they can detain customers. And well, if a guard believes you are committing a crime within a casino, then it is possible for them to detain you until the police arrive.

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Are Casino Security Guards The Same As The Police?

No, guards who work in casinos aren’t the same as the police as they aren’t law enforcers, and they won’t have the same powers. Security guards can detain anyone who they believe is misbehaving within a casino however, unlike the police, they are unable to properly arrest anyone and instead only perform a citizen’s arrest.

Why Do Casinos Have CCTV Cameras?

Another security measure that casinos will have in place is CCTV cameras. Casinos will have security cameras because they provide them an additional layer of protection to their security, and they can act as a visual deterrent against thieves. Cameras are also quite beneficial to casinos as they can cover any blind spots on the premises, and they can be used to help stop crime. If a crime is recorded on the camera, casino owners can use the camera’s recorded footage as evidence.

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How Many Security Cameras Are In A Casino?

Casino security cameras are a useful benefit, and they will often be used by guards to monitor all areas within a casino. A common question asked about them is how many are normally installed within a casino. Although there is no exact number, it is believed on average that there are at least 2,000 security cameras installed in casinos.

So, What’s The Purpose Of Casino Security?

Overall, the main purpose of casino security systems and guards will be to help ensure the protection of the casino establishment. Casinos often house lots of money so they can be a tempting target for many criminals. If casinos have good security in place such as casino security officers, it allows the business to run more smoothly and can help prevent criminals such as thieves. Having good security in place also creates a safe working environment and this can allow people visiting or working at a casino to feel more confident about their safety there.

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