Do Hospitals Have Security Guards?
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29th December 2021

Security guards can be hired in a variety of different sectors, from being a bodyguard for the rich to working in retail stores. It seems like nearly every job sector has hired security guards. But are hospitals included in that list?


Do Hospitals Have Security Guards?

Hospitals do have security guards, but they are often referred to as a security staff member or a hospital security officer. There are also higher-up roles such as being a security team leader or a security manager. Security guards will be hired to work in a variety of different hospitals like emergency hospitals, NHS sites, children’s hospitals, or psychiatric hospitals.

What Are The Duties Of A Hospital Security Guard?

There are a lot of tasks and duties that a hospital security guard will have to do. Some of them are:

  • Protecting staff members, patients, and visitors
  • Making sure that hospital and NHS sites are safe
  • Monitoring people who come in and out of the hospital
  • Being able to deal with any incidents that might hurt staff members or patients
  • Watching CCTV footage for suspicious activity
  • Making sure that visitors have valid reasons to be in the hospital
  • To do routine patrols outside the hospital grounds
  • To call in the police or other emergency services
  • To diffuse potentially difficult situations
  • To follow all hospital procedures

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What Do You Need To Become A Hospital Security Guard?

To become a hospital security guard, you will need either SIA Security Guard or a Door Supervisor license. It is not a necessary requirement to have any other security experience, but it is a good thing to have. However, if you are applying for a higher position such as a hospital security team leader or manager, previous security experience or having work experience within an armed uniform service is required.

It will be expected that you have good literary or numeracy skills so employers may ask for GSCEs or other qualifications for English and Maths. It is not necessary to have a driving license, but some hospital employers may ask if you do have one.

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What Skills Do You Need To Become A Hospital Security Guard?

Hospitals can be a very unpredictable place to work, so there are a variety of different skills that are needed to become a hospital security guard. Some of them are:

  • Having good communication skills
  • Having good team-working skills
  • Being able to stay calm
  • Being able to diffuse difficult situations
  • Being prepared to deal with unpredictable situations
  • Being fit and healthy
  • Being able to deal with challenging behavior or difficult situations
  • Being able to understand a situation quickly
  • Having good customer service skills

What Training Is Given To Become A Hospital Security Guard?

When becoming a hospital security guard, hospitals or the NHS will provide further training for the job role. This training includes an introduction to the hospital site, what systems are used in the hospital, and about the hospital’s own procedures. Security guards will also be expected to take part in short courses, provided by the hospital, on topics like conflict resolution. These courses are designed to prepare security guards for any potential situations that could happen whilst they are working.

What Are The Hours Like For A Hosptial Security Guard?

Hospital security guards, like many hospital workers, will be expected to work long shifts, which could include working all weekend or throughout the night. The expected hours for a hospital security officer are normally about 37 and a half each week.

How Much Does A Hospital Security Guard Get Paid?

The average salary for a hospital security guard is estimated at £21,173 per year. This can vary though as guards who work in larger city areas, like London, will be paid more than guards working in smaller rural areas. This is to compensate for higher living costs in larger cities.

Why Do Hospitals Need Security?

The main reason why hospitals would need security guards is that they offer a sense of protection to the patients there and to anyone who is either visiting or working at the hospital. Security guards are able to do this through their daily tasks. They are also able to do this because the main duty of a security guard is to protect people. Security guards also help to keep hospital sites safe from any trouble which is extremely important. Another reason why hospitals need security guards is that they help to monitor the number of visitors within the hospital, making sure that people have a valid reason for being there.

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