What Is A Security Manager?

Written by Holly Savage

21st March 2023

Aside from close protection officers and security guards, there are many other jobs within the security industry. And one of the highest job positions in the security industry is a security manager. But what is a security manager? And what does a security manager do on a daily basis?

We will be discussing this and more such as the duties and responsibilities of a security manager, if security management is a good career, and how to be a good security manager.

What Is A Security Manager?

A security manager is a job position within the security industry, and this is normally a higher-up position. Security managers will have a similar role of protection like security guards; however, managers will also be expected to supervise other guards.

What Is The Job Of A Security Manager?

A security manager will typically be hired by a business to monitor and supervise other security guards who work there. When a security manager is supervising other officers, they will mainly review and check that guards are providing the business with effective security.

what is a security manager

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Security Manager?

As we mentioned earlier, security managers will often be in charge of supervising other guards. In addition to this, security managers will also have many other tasks and responsibilities to oversee. Some of these are:


  • Ensuring the safety of all visitors, guards, and employees to a site or building.
  • Managing a security team.
  • Planning work rotas.
  • Monitoring equipment such as security cameras or alarms within a control room.
  • Conducting security risk assessments.
  • Working with the police and other emergency services.
  • Acting as a keyholder for a building or within a controlled area.
  • Creating and testing security evacuation and emergency plans.
  • Recruiting and training new security staff.
  • Organising security for events and any VIP visits.
  • Investigating any security breaches that take place at a business.
  • Collaborating with other site security managers.
  • Ensuring that surveillance equipment is up to date.
  • Making sure that company policies are followed.

What Skills Are Required To Be A Security Manager?

There are a variety of different skills that a security officer manager will need. Some of these are:


  • Having good leadership skills.
  • Have a great knowledge of public safety and security.
  • Having good customer service skills.
  • Having good business management skills.
  • Being able to pay attention to detail.
  • Being able to stay calm within stressful situations.
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How To Be A Security Manager?

To become a security manager within the UK there are a few things that you may need or will be inspected to undergo. We have listed these in more detail.

1. Being At Least 18 Years Old

The first requirement you will need to become a security manager is to be at least 18 years old. This is an official requirement by the SIA for jobs within the security industry.

2. Having An SIA Security Licence

The second requirement you will need is an SIA security licence. As managers will work directly with guards and will also provide protection to a business it is essential that they have a licence which is approved by the SIA. The licences that managers can have are either an SIA security guard licence or an SIA door supervisor licence. Both of these licences cost £190 and will be valid for three years.

3. Having The Right To Work Within The UK

The third thing you will need to have is the right to work within the UK. If you are a UK citizen already, then this won’t be a problem. However, if you aren’t it is still possible to become a security manager. You will instead have to provide proof to the SIA that you have the right to work in the UK.

4. Overseeing A Background Check

Like when becoming a security guard, security managers will also have to undergo a background check. The SIA will run a background to check that you are suitable for the job and to see what type of person you are. Some of the checks that the SIA will run are:

  • A mental health check.
  • A basic background check.
  • A criminal record check.

5. Having A Full Driving Licence

The fifth and final thing you may need when becoming a security manager is a full driving licence. This is not an official requirement; however, it can be beneficial to have a driving licence when becoming a security manager.

How To Get A Job As A Security Manager

There are a variety of different ways to get a job as a security guard manager. We have listed the most popular ways in more detail.

Through An Apprenticeship

One way that you can become a security guard manager is by taking a security first line manager advance apprenticeship. Some of the entry requirements for these apprenticeships will be having experience in other work that is relevant.

Security manager role

Through Working

Another way that you can become a security officer manager is through promotions at work. You can do this by starting as a security officer and then becoming a team supervisor. After being a team supervisor, you can look to be promoted into a role within security management.

Site security manager

Through A Direct Application

Finally, you can become a security manager by directly applying for a security manager job. It is recommended that you only do this method if you have previous experience within the security industry or experience in other job sectors that have a primary role of protection such as the armed forces, the police, and prison services.

How to become a security manager

What Questions Are Asked In A Security Manager Interview?

Many questions could be asked during a security manager interview. Some of the most popular questions are:


  • Tell me about yourself and your work experience.
  • How would you describe your management style?
  • How do you manage conflicts that may arise in projects?
  • How do you deal with stress?

How Long Does It Take To Be A Security Manager?

Many people wonder how long the process and training takes to become a security manager. Before you can begin the training, guards will need to have at least five years’ experience in security or any other relevant training. The security manager training itself is normally the same length as average security guard training.

How Much Does A Security Manager Make?

According to Indeed, a UK security manager’s salary on average is £44,183 per year. However, how much a security manager earns will depend on many factors such as the location where they are working as busier cities such as London may pay more than smaller rural areas to help cover for the cost of living.

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How To Be A Good Security Manager

There are many things or skills that you may need to be a good security manager. As security managers will often be in charge of supervising other security guards, they must have good communication and leadership skills. And these skills will help them complete their daily tasks.

The role of a security manager can also be quite demanding as they often have a lot of responsibilities, so they must have good patience and time management skills.

Is Being A Security Manager Stressful?

A common question asked about security manager jobs is whether they are stressful. And honestly, a security manager’s job can sometimes be quite demanding and stressful as managers will be responsible for supervising a team of security guards. Security managers will be expected to work long hours and they may work with many different departments during their shifts.

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Is Security Manager A Good Career?

Many guards wonder “is security management a good career?” And well, yes security management is a good career path if you are looking to move up within the security industry. Security managers will often have a lot of responsibilities to oversee so their job is never boring.

A security manager’s job is an opportunity to work with a variety of different people as they will work directly and communicate with lots of different departments during their shifts such as the security officer team they are supervising, and managers from the business they are hired to protect. Some of the benefits of working as a security manager are:


  • An increased wage.
  • Being able to develop real investigative skills.
  • Being able to develop your teamwork skills.
  • Being able to learn how to become an effective leader.
  • Gaining a better piece of knowledge about security equipment such as security alarm systems.

So, What Is A Security Manager?

Overall, a security manager role is a higher-up position within the security industry. Security managers will not only protect a business, but they will also have other responsibilities such as managing and supervising a security team.

If you would like to keep updated with all the latest security guard news, why not take a look through our blog? Where you can find articles about how much security guards make and about the different types of security guard services that officers will work in.

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