What Are The Duties Of Railway Security?

Written by Holly Savage

30th May 2023

Security guards work everywhere from hospitals to factories, but do they work at train stations? And do train stations have security in place?

We’ll be discussing this and more, such as the different types of security at train stations, what are the duties of a railway security guard, and why security at train stations is needed.

Is There Security At Train Stations?

Yes, as train stations are a public-facing business like airports, they will have security in place. There are many different types of security measures that stations will use. We have listed the most popular security measures in more detail.

Train Security Guards

One of the most common security measures in place at train stations is security guards. The main role of a railway security guard will be to create a safer environment and to reduce security threats such as criminals and thieves. Security guards who work within the railway industry will mainly be situated at railway stations, and they will rarely be situated on a train.

railway security officer

CCTV Monitoring Equipment

Another security measure that train stations will have is CCTV monitoring equipment such as security cameras. Security cameras will be installed both in train stations and on trains themselves. The main duty of security cameras will be to observe and review the safety around different areas within the train station.

train security cameras

Security Alarms

Another security measure that railway stations will have is security alarm systems. Security alarms will be used at a train station as an extra layer of protection, and to act as a visual deterrent against thieves – which they do through the loud noise that the alarm makes. Security alarms are also beneficial as they can scare criminals away and they can be used as a warning to notify passengers or employees that danger could be nearby.

train station security

What Are The Duties Of Railway Security?

Train stations are often threatened by crimes like theft, vandalism, trespassers, and terrorism, and security hazards such as the train breaking down, and slips, trips, and falls. Because of these security threats, train stations will need to up their security to ensure their safety.

One way that they can do this is by employing rail security staff. The main duty of railway security will be to ensure the safety of the train station, all train workers, all customers, and the safety of the trains themselves. Train station guards will have many tasks and responsibilities. We have listed some of their duties in more detail.

1. Conducting Regular Patrols Around The Station

The first duty that a railway security guard will have is conducting regular patrols around the train station. Some of the different areas that guards may patrol are:

  • Inside the station.
  • Around train station car parks.
  • Outside the station.

Security officers will perform these patrols to review the safety of the station, and they will use patrols as a way for them to be on the lookout for criminals.

2. Protecting Train Stations From All Crimes

One of the main duties that security guards who work in train stations will have is ensuring the station’s safety against criminals. Many train stations throughout the UK have fallen victim to local crimes; one of the UK’s most popular train stations, Birmingham New Street, reported 532 incidents of crimes in 2021. Some of the most popular crimes at the station are robberies, violent offences, and crimes relating to possession of weapons.

Due to the increase in criminal activity at train stations, a security guard’s main duty at railways will be to reduce crimes. One way that train station security guards can reduce crimes is through a guard’s physical security presence which they can use to act as a visual deterrent against thieves. A guard’s strong security presence scares criminals away as it showcases to thieves how a business is well protected.

Another way that guards will be able to stop crimes is by using security cameras to review different areas at the rail station. Guards will use CCTV cameras as another method to review different areas of the station that they might not be able physically to patrol.

3. Responding To Emergency Situations

Another task that railway security officers will have is responding to all emergencies such as incidents of terrorism. Guards will respond to emergency situations by letting higher-up positions know about the incident and by contacting the authorities such as the police straight away.

4. Helping Customers With Any Enquiries

Although train security guards, will mostly be expected to complete tasks relating to the safety of a train station, they may also be expected to help customers with any enquiries that they have. Security guards will use their customer service skills to:


  • Answer any questions that customers may have.
  • To help customers find platforms at the train station.
  • To help any missing children find their parents.
railway security

What Is The Salary Of Train Security?

According to Glassdoor, in the UK security guards who work at train stations will earn £31,205 on average per year. How much train security guards earn will vary and will often depend on a guard’s job position as lower positions may earn up to £26,000 per year, while higher positions can earn up to £37,000 per year. The location where a guard works can also be a factor in the amount they are paid, as busier city areas such as London will pay more than smaller rural areas.

Do Trains Stations Have CCTV?

Yes, CCTV monitoring equipment such as security cameras are a common security measure used within train stations. Railway stations will normally use security cameras to review and monitor all areas of the station.

railway security guard

How Long Do Train Stations Keep CCTV For?

A common question asked about train security cameras is how long the CCTV footage can be kept. Most businesses within the UK are typically allowed to keep security camera footage for about a month. According to Networkrail, security and surveillance footage is normally held for up to 31 days.

Why Is Safety Important In A Railway Station?

Safety is extremely important within a railway station as catching the train has become a more popular method of public transport. According to the Office of Rail and Road, nearly 369 million rail passenger journeys were made in the UK during the last three months of 2022. Due to the increase in rail journeys being made, this now means that stations need to make sure that they have efficient security in place.

what are the duties of railway security

Why Is There Security At Train Stations?

As we mentioned above, more people are travelling by train so it is essential that train stations are well protected. This is where railway security measures such as guards come into play.

Having good security at a train station like security guards and security cameras, can help to ensure the safety of not only the train passengers but also the workers at the station as well. Furthermore, if train stations have good security in place, it can help to reduce the incidents of crimes which are happening at train stations.

So, What Are The Duties Of A Railway Security Guard?

Overall, railway security officers will have different tasks and responsibilities to oversee. However, their main duty will always be to provide protection to all visitors, customers, and employees who are either visiting or working at a train station.

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