What Is Reception Security?

Written by Holly Savage

22nd December 2022

Reception and building security is important for many businesses up and down the country from large multi-floored office spaces to smaller single-floored businesses. 

But what is reception security and how can it help businesses stay secure? We’ll discuss all this and more, such as the different crimes that may threaten a reception, why it’s important to have security in place, and the different duties that a security guard that works within a reception area will have.

Why Businesses Need Reception Security?

There are a variety of threats that reception areas may face on a daily basis, whether that is a school reception, a small business reception or a larger office complex reception. So it’s important that there are security procedures in the reception area of any business. According to a survey taken by Business Live, between 2018 and 2019 at least 606,282 businesses faced crimes against businesses. And businesses with the highest right of crime were within Cleveland in the North East

The reception area of an office is often the first port of call visitors have with experiencing your physical business; so it’s important that it has the right protection.

Possible Risks In The Reception Area

Due to the variety of different threats that receptions face, it is essential that they have good security and reception staff in place. We’ve listed some common crimes that often impact the safety of reception areas.


Theft remains a constant threat to any reception environment by any opportunist thief looking for a quick opportunity to steal expensive office equipment such as computers and monitors – often by violence and force.

theft in reception areas


If not monitored correctly, a reception area may even be able to bypassed entirely which gives way to unwanted trespassing and may lead to more chances of other crimes being committed whenever the perpetrator has gained access to the premises.

what risk in reception area

Intimidation & Assault

Intimidation also remains a constant threat for receptionists as members of the public can easily gain access to the front of the business and intimidate workers in reception for either criminal gain or even no particular reason at all, sadly this can also lead to the threat of assault.

what kind of security risks could potentially exist at the reception area

Emergency Incidents

Fire and even bomb threats may also remain an unfortunate circumstance that reception staff may be forced to deal with, this may lead to a stressful and high-impact situation especially if they’re untrained in how to deal with such things.

reception security risks

What Is The Role Of A Reception Security Guard?

Now we know why businesses may need security for their reception areas, what exactly does a guard who works within a reception do? And what are the different roles that they fulfil? We have listed the top five different duties that all security reception guards will have.

1. Customer Service

One vital part of the role of a security guard who works within a reception area is to provide friendly and forward-facing customer service.

After all, the first port of call with a business is often at the reception area so it’s vital that a reception security guard is trained well in how to handle members of the public professionally and friendly, this will often reflect well on the business, giving potential clients and customers a good first impression.

2. Vigilant And Watchful

Another key function of a reception guard is to remain constantly vigilant and watchful; this can be achieved in two ways – either via alert static security at the reception itself or by manning CCTV cameras to keep an eye on blind spots elsewhere in the office or reception area. 

3. Visible Secure Presence

Keeping a fully uniformed security guard acting as visible security in a reception area can stand as an excellent deterrent, making would-be criminals think twice regarding committing a crime on-premises as they have to face off against a potentially well-equipped and trained security professional employed to keep the peace. 

If you want to read more about how security guards reduce crime in general, why not read our article here?

4. Reception Signing In And Out Presence 

Security professionals working in reception and building security also have the vital task of keeping track of all incoming and outcoming visitors, whether it is through digital methods or paper checking in and out systems.

This is an important function for the business as it allows them to keep track of those who are currently visiting the building and makes sure nobody unaccounted for is allowed to trespass in a bid to steal from the company for example.

5. Help Enforce Emergency Protocol

Another part of the job for security guards may be to help enforce certain emergency protocols or plans in the event of an emergency – this includes following or assisting in health and safety procedures, general building, or fire evacuations. 

A well-trained security guard can help get people out of the building smoothly and safely. 

What Is Security In The Front Office?

Receptions in businesses like hotels may sometimes be referred to as the front office, and they will typically require front desk security. The most common security that they will have in place is security officers. And guards who work in the front office will typically follow front desk security procedures such as:


  • Ensuring the safety of the front office area.
  • Keeping an eye out for criminals.
  • Having a strategy in place that will stop all unauthorised visitors, like criminals, from entering the building.
  • Keeping a detailed visitors log of everyone who enters the building and making sure that they have valid reasons for being there.
  • Answering any customer queries and enquiries.
front desk security

How Does A Receptionist Maintain Security?

Receptionists can also maintain security within a reception area; however, unlike guards who deter criminals, receptionists will only maintain security in simple ways.

One way that receptionists will maintain security is by checking in visitors and employees. When a receptionist is checking someone in they will often check the employee’s ID and ensure that they have valid reasons for being there.

Receptions may also maintain good security within a reception by employing a clear desk policy, where they will make sure that a business’s important documents and passwords are kept in a safe location.

As receptionists only maintain security in a basic way; many businesses will decide to hire a security officer as well to work with the receptionist, to help ensure the safety of their building.

secure reception area

Why Is Security So Important In The Reception Area?

The biggest reason why security is so important within reception areas is because receptions are often the first place that most employees and visitors will enter when visiting a building or office. Having good security in place within a reception, such as a security guard, showcases that a business has a strong security presence and guards can help to scare criminals away from the building by acting as a visual deterrent. 

Furthermore,  security officers not only provide your building with a strong physical security presence but they can also make sure that everyone who enters the business has a valid reason for being there. Guards will do this by signing visitors in, and checking all employees’ IDs.

what is reception security

How Can You Get Reception And Building Security?

Are you looking for reception and building security services? Region Security Guarding can help get you covered with dependable and reliable reception & building security, just follow the steps below to help get your business secured. 

1.  Contact Us 

Be sure to let us know of your exacting requirements, either by requesting a quote on our website or even by calling us on 0330 8122033 or sending us an email at info@regionsecurityguarding.co.uk 

The more descriptive and detailed you are about your security requirements, the more helpful and quicker we can be with setting you up with 24/7 dependable Reception & Office Security!

2. Receive A Fast Free Quote

We try to make sure that we send you back a fully comprehensive and easily broken-down quote as quickly as possible tailored to your specific needs. 

Part of our policy is a price match promise so if you already have a quote for a security arrangement, we’ll try to match or beat it.

3. Get Protected

Once the quote and service are agreed to, we’ll match up your business with the right security professional for the job.

4. You’re Secure!

Congratulations, you can focus on the day-to-day operation of your business knowing your reception and buildings are secured with Region Security Guarding!

reception security duties

So, What Is Reception Security?

Overall, reception security is simply the different security measures that a business has in place to ensure the safety of its reception area. And the main reason why businesses may decide to hire guards to protect their receptions is because guards have been known to scare criminals away through their strong security presence. 

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