How Do You Monitor A Security Guard?

Written by Holly Savage

9th December 2022

Security guards are often responsible for the protection of many properties and sites. One way that business owners and security companies will check that a guard is doing their job properly is by monitoring a guard. But how do you monitor a security guard? We’ll discuss this and more, such as what is security guard monitoring, and the different ways that you can monitor a security guard’s performance.

What Is Security Guard Monitoring?

For many business owners, it’s essential for them to know which areas of their property an SIA-licenced security officer is protecting, and which areas on their site have already been patrolled. This is where security guard monitoring comes in.

Security guard monitoring is simply the different software and tools which are used by both security firms and business owners to track a guard’s whereabouts. These different tools could be guard tracking devices, GPS trackers, and security guard monitoring systems.

What Equipment Is Used For Security Guard Tracking?

Most standard security guard systems include a selection of small discs which are used as checkpoint tags. They are placed in various locations around a building. When the security guard passes into an area, they swipe the checkpoint tag which then records data.

The data can include the date, time, and identity number of the security guard on duty. All data is then transferred via GPS. The GPS can be tracked by the app. The security equipment is always provided by the security provider or the security company.

security guard tour & monitoring system

What Is A Security Guard Tracking App?

A security guard tracking app enables a surveillance company to keep in touch with its security team. Each security guard will have a mobile phone. The security guard tracking app software will have been downloaded to the guard’s phone. The guard tracking app has various features.

Each security guard can be tracked using the GPS tracking function. This will tell you exactly where the guard is in or outside the building. If the guard is away from their usual route or if there are any delays in surveying a certain area you will know from the information provided by the app.

The app can also be used for messaging, keeping track of shift timings, and logging reports. More importantly, the app can be used as an emergency alert to advise other team members if help is required or if suspicious activity has been spotted. In a nutshell, an app is a simple but effective method of tracking security guards in the workplace. It is used to monitor security guards in an area and to assist in the identification of the guards in specific areas.

Why Monitor A Security Guard?

There are many reasons why you might want to monitor a security guard. We’ve listed some common reasons why businesses and security firms may decide to monitor a guard.

Monitor Where A Guard Is

A security guard GPS tracker device and security guard checkpoint monitoring systems easily allow business owners to see which areas of their property have been patrolled by a guard. This is useful as it allows both site owners and security companies to review that a guard is where they are supposed to be.

security guard monitoring device

Review A Guard’s Performance

Security firms may use tools, like guard tracking apps, to monitor how well a guard is providing security to a building or site. They will use these tools to review how well a guard is providing security to a business and to check that the guard is checking in and scanning the checkpoints on time.

guard tracking software

Increase Security Guard Safety

Security guard monitoring tools will be also used to track a guard’s whereabouts and to help ensure that the guards are in a safe area at all times. According to the UK Government,  verbal and phyiscal abuse towards security guards is quite common in workplaces. Devices like security officer GPS trackers will track a guard in real-time, and if a guard hasn’t checked in a while; security firms will often contact the guard to check that they are okay.

security officer tracking software

How Do I Monitor A Security Guard?

Now, we know the different reasons why you should monitor a security guard, how do you actually monitor a security guard? We’ve listed the four different methods for security officer monitoring.

1. Guard Tour Monitoring

This is an important aspect of guarding and needs to be examined with a close eye. Some paper-based tracking systems mean that guards need to be called on the hour, every hour. This is an inefficient way to protect your business. To keep on top of it in a more efficient way, the software can help you check up on guards without unnecessarily invading their privacy.

Guard tour monitoring tracks your employees’ location in real time, something that wasn’t possible in its previous iterations. This information is then uploaded to a safe place, such as a supervisor’s computer. It can be accessed whenever it is needed and could save you from a potential emergency. Some devices allow unlimited registration for employees, meaning you can support a large or growing team.

how do you monitor a security guard

2. Geofencing

Geofencing is a brilliant way to make sure security guards are at their posts when they’re actually needed. Not on-site? You can’t clock in at work or at that particular checkpoint. It’s that simple. No one can cover up running late or not turning up for work, which keeps whatever site they’re guarding safe. It also encourages people to be prompt in letting others know about things such as holidays, medical appointments or sick leave.

Employees and technology working together in tandem is a great way to run a tight ship. These devices are adaptable to most kinds of sites, including warehouses, factories and even sprawling complexes that can be student accommodations. This way, you’ll know who is on-site, who isn’t and what checkpoints need attending to. Thus, helping communication amongst your employees.

how to monitor a security officer

3. Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notifications can make the difference between a dangerous guess and a safe certainty. Checking up on security guards in real time can be a must. A job as a security guard means unpredictability and a quick transition between inactivity and activity. Employees can keep their team updated with notifications in real-time, something that security guarding systems can provide alongside their other features.

guard monitoring

4. QR Codes

QR codes are another method used to monitor security officers. QR codes are often placed on different patrol checkpoints in a building or site. When a guard approaches the checkpoint, they can easily scan the QR code, and let others know that that area has been patrolled.

Many businesses may decide to monitor guards this way because QR codes are quite cheap to use and they can quickly be replaced if they are damaged.

However, using QR codes to monitor a guard’s performance isn’t a secure method, as many QR codes can easily be faked or forged.

security guard checkpoint monitoring

How Do I Monitor My Security Guard’s Performance?

Security companies and businesses also use security guard tracking software to review a guard’s performance. When you are monitoring a guard’s performance you should:


  • Review that the guard is clocking in and out of their shifts on time.
  • Monitor if your guard is in the right place at the right time.
  • Monitor how efficiently guards are patrolling different areas on a building or site.
  • And review whether your guard is completing all of their tasks on time.

Is Security Guard Tracking Useful?

Security guard tracking is useful because it provides you with an extra layer of security. For example, if a member of staff reports suspicious activity in an area, you can check to find out whether there is a guard available close by.

The system also tells you if a guard hasn’t been in an area which should have been checked. This could mean the guard has a problem. It’s a signal to get in touch and find out why the security guard isn’t where they should be in the building.

Another reason why security guard tracking is useful is so that you can ensure the guards you manage are working effectively. You will know if they arrive for work punctually, are where they are supposed to be at all times and they have the right number of breaks during a shift. It’s a way of making sure an important job is done properly.

is security guard tracking useful

So, How Do You Monitor A Security Guard?

Overall, the best way to monitor a security guard and their performance is by using a security guard monitoring system. Here at Region Security Guarding, we provide free guard tracking with all our security services. And all of our guards are properly certified and fully trained so that they can work with the best guard monitoring equipment. To find out more information about our guard tracking systems, check out our service page.

Or if you’re interested in reading more security guard news? Why not check out our blog, where you can find articles about what a security guard does and whether security guard tracking is useful for businesses?

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