How To Keep Your Dog Safe

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10th November 2021

Dog Safety Tips

Dogs are integral parts of the families that have them, in fact, it has been scientifically proven that spending time with dogs increases your levels of oxytocin, the “love hormone”.

However, whilst owning and playing with a dog is all fun and games, there are often times you might have to leave them for work, to socialise, or simply pick up groceries. How do you know in that time that they are safe and secure, for a lot of us, locking up our dogs just doesn’t seem right so today we are bringing you 8 tips on how to keep your dog safe!

Let’s dive right in…

1. Getting Your Dog Microchipped

Our first dog security tip is getting your dog microchipped. Now, this is really an obvious first step and in England you can actually get fined for not having your dog microchipped, but it is still important. For those who don’t know, getting your dog microchipped basically assigns all your information to the dog.

What that means is that whenever the dog is scanned, your details including name, address and contact information will come up, verifying if you are the owner of the dog. This will be your main deterrent against thieves and in the UK you can have it done for free by going to the websites and checking out their resources.

2. Dog Security Camera

Our second tip on keeping your dog safe is using a dog security camera. Now, we have touted security cameras time and time again, and here we are back with another one. Dog security cameras are basically just kitted out CCTV cameras with a few extra bits of functionality.

Take the Furbo dog security camera (our recommendation), this is a camera which has a bark alert, letting you know when your dog is barking. This can be really useful if your dog is prone to barking when you are out the house, letting you know if you perhaps need to stop them from being restless when leaving them.

The Furbo also comes with a treat dispenser, being able to load up the camera with treats and fire one out every so often helps to keep them calm and happy. On top of this, being a camera, you can obviously see if anyone has broken into your house and is taking your dogs. All in all, an absolute must buy for anyone serious about owning dogs.

3. Taking Plenty Of Clear Photographs Of Your Dogs And Always Keeping Them On Hand

This is another semi-obvious dog safety tip but keeping on hand a lot of very clear photographs of your dog can be really important in a pinch. Identifying to strangers, posting on social media, contacting police all will yield better results if you provide easily identifiable features about your dog.

Especially if you are able to provide any distinct features your dog has, that others don’t, this will make returning your dog to you so much easier.

dog safety tips

4. Collar With Id Tag On With Your Name And Address

Dog collars can be very useful and have saved millions of dogs the world over when they escape from the house. Dogs are naturally curious animals and so if you don’t have a super tight lock on things like your house or garden security, they may be able to get out. In case of these incidents, being able to identify your dog will help strangers to contact and find who owns the dog and bring it back.

5. Making Sure Your Garden Is Secure With Latchable 6-Foot-High Fences And Gates

This one can rack up quite the price tag, making sure you fit 6-foot-high fences can be a huge hit to the wallet, however the pay off is more than worth it. The best way to think about this is from both sides, from the side of your dog, it prevents them from getting out primarily. Installing fences with gates allows you to ensure when you leave the house, your dog won’t be able to get out of your garden.

On the other hand, it stops thieves from even seeing you have a dog let alone being able to steal one from you. All in all, this is the simplest and most effective security solution you can put in place when it comes to protecting your dog.

6. When Leaving, Make Sure To Leave A Dog Sitter You Trust

Dog sitters can be a huge boon when going on vacation, being able to feed, walk and play with your dog will help keep them happy and safe. Empty houses are tempting enough for criminals, add a dog to the mix and you are basically asking to get robbed.

Having a family member or registered dog sitter come over a few times a day to check on the dog and make sure they are getting enough food, water and exercise is very important.

how to keep your dog safe

7. Neutering – Stopping Thieves Who Want To Breed Dogs Together

Neutering surprisingly can be an effective form of dog security for two main reasons. One, thieves often times steal dogs to breed them with other dogs and sell the puppies for a lot of money. Obviously, a neutered dog can’t make puppies so in this case they are effectively useless for thieves to steal.

The second reason is through being neutered this will prevent the dog from roaming for potential partners and cut down on them trying to escape. Especially when in heat, dogs can get very restless and try just about anything to mate with other dogs, including escape attempts. Thwarting this at the get-go prevents being a huge target for thieves along with preventing escape attempts.

8. Keep Your Information About The Dog Off Social Media For The Most Part

Our last dog safety tip is keeping information about your dog off social media. Social media can be a wonderful tool, especially for reuniting lost pups with their owners, the speed and reach social media has is truly incredible. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of thieves on social media looking to find their next victim.

If you happen to post a status update about getting a new £3,000 puppy and being vehemently against neutering said puppy, this will undeniably attract the attention of thieves. Sure, posting a pup pic every now and then won’t hurt anyone but try to keep a low profile when it comes to your dog. If the people on Facebook know as much about your dog as you do, perhaps it is about time you cut back on some of those posts.

And that is all our dog safety tips! We hope this has helped you think of a few ways that you can protect your dog. To keep up to date with all the latest safety tips and guides check out our news page, where you can find articles about vehicle security and what are the best home security products. Or if you want to see more of our videos have a look at our YouTube channel.

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