How To Become First Aid Qualified

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11th April 2023

Like any other medical assistant, the basic objective of providing first aid is to save lives. And most times injuries are time sensitive – which means having someone immediately available to alleviate a dangerous situation could be critical to the long-term health of an individual. The basic principles of first aid are often taught to most people it’s useful at some point or another in life however this doesn’t necessarily mean they are first aid qualified. As some people may provide first aid without any certification. So, what does it mean to be first aid qualified? In today’s article, we will be discussing the different types of first aid, what it means to be first aid qualified, and the benefits of learning first aid.

What Does It Mean To Be First Aid Qualified?

Although everyone can learn and provide first aid, not everyone will be qualified to do so. Being first aid qualified simply means that you have completed a first aid training course and that you have received a certificate to become a first aider.

How To Become First Aid Qualified

In some jobs, such as working as a security guard, it will be expected that the employees are first aid qualified. Below, we have listed a quick guide on becoming first aid qualified.

Step 1 – Finding A Course:

The first step in becoming a first aider is finding a course. The best way to find first aid courses would be by looking online and when you are looking for a first aid course it is important that you check that the course is approved. Below, we have listed some of the most popular first aid course providers:

Step 2: Completing First Aid Training

After you have found a suitable first aid course, the next step will be completing the training. Most courses can be taken off-site or on-site and will vary in duration. Some courses may be a three-day intensive course while others may only be a half-day refresher session. The best first aid courses generally take a practical approach with a focus on scenario-based training methods that are designed to build confidence and provide very real and practical life-saving skills.

Step 3: Gaining Your Certificate

After you have passed and finished all your training, the final step of being a qualified first aider is gaining your first aid certificate. It is important to know that first aid certificates will typically last for three years, so qualified first aiders will be expected to renew their certificates. Some of the most popular first aid certificates are emergency first aid at work or a first aid at work qualification.

 Can You Administer First Aid If Not Qualified?

It is possible for anyone to administer first aid, even if they aren’t qualified. First aid isn’t only learning CPR, and some more basic practise of first aid will be tending to cuts or bruises.

qualified first aid trainer kit

What Are The Benefits Of First Aid?

There are many benefits to taking first aid training courses. Below, we have listed some of these.

First Aid Can Be Used To Protect Employees At Work

According to the HSE government website, health and safety statistics show that at least 1.8 million people have suffered from an illness relating to work. First aid can be used to reduce these statistics, and many people who know first aid can often help other workers if they get hurt. Some basic measures of first aid like bandaging and cleaning a wound can ensure the safety of colleagues in a dangerous work environment.

Some Places Are Located Far Away From Medical Assistant

Some industries and factories are located in more rural areas where there are no hospitals for miles around. So if you’re familiar with first aid care, basic treatment can be provided before the victim is transferred to a hospital.

Knowing First Aid Can Save Lives

Another huge benefit of first aid is that it can save lives. In first aid training, people will learn about many different types of first aid and if an incident happens where a member of the general public is injured, a first aider can provide medical assistance to the injured person before the emergency services arrive. Some injuries may require a person to need immediate medical attention, for example, if a person is choking. CPR is one of the main elements of basic first aid that is taught. So, if you know CPR, you’ll be capable of dealing with situations of life-or-death proportions. While other first aid practices such as fractures and sprains can occur anywhere because of a fall or a trip. So, if you’re trained in first aid you can take care of these problems before professional medical assistance arrives.

Which Jobs Need You To Be First Aid Qualified?

Many jobs professions will expect that all of their staff are first aid qualified. Some of these are:

  • Security guards
  • Doctors
  • Caregivers of children
  • Nurses
  • Military personnel
  • Lifeguards
  • Daycare centre workers
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospital workers
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Different Types Of First Aid Courses

There are many different types of first aid training courses that security guards can attend. Some of them include those that focus on the basics of dealing with simple wounds such as minor burns cuts or bruises. There are also more in-depth first aid courses such as those that teach you how to do CPR and more advanced first aid techniques. Below, we have listed some of the most popular first-aid courses.

Basic Or Standard First Aid

This type of course sometimes referred to as emergency first aid is created especially for the general public. It covers all the basics of first aid training and is designed for people who are less likely to encounter accidents or emergencies. This doesn’t teach you the skills however to help solve complicated first-aid procedures. Thus, it may not be suitable for workplaces with specific training requirements. A standard first aid course is also suitable for parents, students, people staying at home or the elderly.

Advanced First Aid

In addition to the standard first aid principles, this type of course also deals with the use of automated external defibrillators and oxygen in assisting victims. The advanced first aid course sometimes called advanced life support is best suited for first aid workers or first aid facility managers. This training is also essential for anyone working in an environment with an AED, an oxygen tank, or a mask.

Marine Or Aquatic First Aid

This is a specific type of first aid course aimed at people who work as rescue divers, sailors, lifeguards or any other profession that involves activities carried out in the water. The aquatic first aid course deals with specific situations such as taking a victim out of the water or caring for a victim who cannot reach a medical centre which can happen for example when a ship is stranded at sea or for a victim with breathing problems due to water.

Rural First Aid

First aid in the wild, which is also known as external or remote first aid is a course that teaches participants how to provide first aid in remote locations where the arrival of professional medical care can be delayed and where there is no access to specialized equipment. The wilderness first aid course is suitable for professional hikers mountain rescue or the ordinary citizen who enjoys spending time outdoors.

First Aid Course In Mental Health

Not only do physical illnesses require first aid intervention, but in a mental health first aid course participants can learn how to provide support for people affected by mental illness or for someone who is experiencing a stressful situation. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn the first signs of mental illnesses. In this way, they’ll be able to guide the person in question towards obtaining adequate medical assistance. This type, of course, is more appropriate for school counsellors and psychologists.

Why Is First Aid Important?

In conclusion with such a high demand from individuals and companies who wish to help loved ones or friends in the event of an accident, first aid training is now available to everyone. So whether you simply want to know the basics of first aid or want to learn more about the aspects of first aid in a more specialized area first aid. Taking first aid training is a great way to ensure that you are able to help someone else in need should you be required.

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