6 Vehicle Security Tips

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24th November 2021

Nobody wants to have their vehicle vandalized, stolen from, or otherwise tampered with.

In England & Wales, there has been roughly 108 thousand motor vehicle thefts for the 2021/22 period. So, it’s clear to see that there is a need for vehicle protection.

How To Make Your Car Secure

Fortunately for motorists, there is a diverse range of vehicle protection solutions from a car lock to high-tech vehicle immobilizers available at varying levels of budget & speciality to suit your vehicle protection needs.

Today we are showing you what our favourite car security devices are for securing your vehicle from our own six vehicle security tips list!

1. Dash Cams

Starting off our list, we have dash cams.

These are handy little devices capable of recording anything in front of or behind your vehicle. Dash cams are typically used to record anything while you’re driving to keep a recount of events in case of a crash. However, dash cams can also be used for security.

If you have a narrow driveway, reversing in and having your dash cam facing forward is going to be a big visual deterrent for criminals.

A lot of dash cams also have a parking mode (a feature that records and monitors anything in front of it whilst in low power mode), so if any motion is detected, such as a vehicle hitting your car and driving away without leaving details, you’ll be able to catch a registration plate.

Also if there’s someone who breaks into your vehicle, you’ll be able to catch them live on camera!

2. Wheel Locks

Another vehicle and car security measure on our list are steering wheel locks.

These are locks that clamp over your steering wheel preventing them from moving. Whilst it doesn’t necessarily stop a thief from getting into your car it does stop them from getting away, so the most effective way to use this type of device is to ensure that no valuables are left in the car overnight.

There are a variety of different types of steering wheel clamps, but it is important that you get one that fits your steering wheel. As if you get one too big, thieves can easily dismantle it.

To see some good examples, head over to our YouTube page where you can watch our video and see examples in the description box.

3. Car Lock Alert Systems

Next up in the vehicle security tips list are car lock alert systems, these are handy little devices that add more functionality onto the typical car alert system.

As an example of this, a lot of alert systems have things like vibration detection, so they’ll alert you when your car engine starts or if your car is moving.

These factors wouldn’t necessarily trigger a standard car alarm, but they do an alert system.

A lot of these systems also have their own dedicated phone apps, allowing you to track where your car is along with any kind of motion that happens around it.

These are incredibly useful for when you’re going away on holiday as you’ve got a GPS system to track where your car is in case someone tries to steal your car.

On top of this, car alarms are unfortunately a pretty regular sound in life that most of us kind of just ignore, hoping that the person whose car it will go over and shut it off.

This means that thieves get a little bit of cover whenever a car alarm does go off.

However, getting a notification on your phone that your car engine has started and is moving is a clear sign that there is something wrong, making an alert system a better choice to have.

6 Vehicle Safety Tips

4. Key Cards

A few years ago most cars opened by physically inserting the key and turning it.

However nowadays, with key fobs and key cards becoming ever more available and popular it seems that being able to unlock your car from any distance is easier now than ever before.

Unfortunately, this can be a perk for criminals.

Key cards will typically tend to unlock a car if you’re within a certain distance of it, so if you’ve just parked up and started to leave your car, you’d have to walk a fair distance before you’re actually out of the range of a lot of these key cards, this gives thieves time to easily get access to your vehicle.

However, a good vehicle protection measure would be putting your key card or fob inside a protective case can completely blocks the signal, stopping it from ever turning on your car.

This locks the car and immediately renders it unable to be accessed.

As an added bonus as well, these can block NFC chip readers from reading things like your debit card in contactless mode!

5. Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps are car security devices capable of completely halting your car. This is another useful car device similar to the steering wheel locks.

The benefits of wheel clamps, however, extend to the notion that your cars simply can’t move at all. They’re also really difficult to take off without the key.

Ultimately, it depends entirely on what wheel clamp you go for and whether it’s a heavier or lighter-duty one. But some of the heavier-duty ones are definitely useful for locking things up like work vans and heavier vehicles.

As an added bonus, with cars parked on hills, it can take some of the strain off of your handbrake.

6. Immobilizers

Immobilizers are also devices fitted to cars that are designed to immobilize cars in certain conditions.

It would be impossible to describe every single feature of every single different immobilizer as some of them have GPS, some of them have tracking and some of them have lots of different types of features.

But the general idea of this car security system is under certain conditions the car engine itself will be cut off and not allow anyone to drive it. This means even if you have the correct key, the immobilizer is armed so it stops you from driving away.

This has caused issues in the past with some immobilizers stopping people who are legitimately the owner of the vehicle however with a proper immobilizer fitted and set up correctly you can ensure that nobody is getting away with your car!


And that’s all our tips to help keep your vehicle secure. We hope that these have been helpful.

To stay updated with more safety tips, be sure to check out our safety tips and guides news page or check out this article on what to do when you find out your car keys are stolen.

Also, be sure to take a look at more of our videos on our Youtube channel!

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