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8th December 2021

It’s difficult not to be concerned about the safety of your home. People are spending more time at home recently since the increase of people working from home. Last year, in the UK alone around 8.4 million people were working from home. It is more important now to protect your valuables such as computers, tech, and sentimental goods. But what are the top home security products to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe in 2021?

We have ranked what we think are the best 13 products for home security, based on the value of protection that they provide compared to the product’s price. Therefore, if you have a limited budget and need to have some security systems in place, we would recommend some of the higher-ranked ones, as they offer the most valuable protection for the price.

Let’s jump into our home security product tier list!

13. Security Signs

Jumping straight into spot 13, we have our first item, security signs! These are simply signage that you stick around the exterior of your home to ward off intruders. The reason these are in last place is that they are a false security system, As they don’t actually improve any aspect of the security of your home and instead they act like you already have security in place.

These can be very effective if you have the systems in place to back them up but without them, you are putting a lot of trust and faith in just a sign. They do also act as a good visual deterrent to those opportunistic criminals that may be put off by the prospect of security warnings.

12. Anti-Climbing Spikes

Coming in 12th is anti-climbing spikes. The reason these are so low is due to their limited functionality. As they are only applicable to places where climbing is needed to gain access to your house.

With this in mind as well as the thief’s ability to circumnavigate these without alerting anyone, they act as a static element of your security system. They can be helpful as a part of a home security system, but they should not be relied upon or trusted to protect your property completely, and they may not even be a viable option for you!

11. Adjustable Bar

Up next is the adjustable bar. This is something that can be used to hold a door, or another entrance shut.

Whilst it certainly is able to hold a door shut, the issues with these become apparent on tiled flooring. As poor surfaces cause the bar to lose its grip. However, on good surfaces the bar does really work well, as it is able to hold back massive amounts of force, providing us the peace of mind that we all crave.

10. Reinforcement Lock

In 10th place, we have the reinforcement lock. This is a very generic name for a variety of door locks that can prevent people from entering.

Reinforcement locks are, in essence, a cleaner solution to holding doors closed than the adjustable bar. There are certain times when you may not have the most trust in the lock on your door. Using a reinforcement lock to help would be a good idea, as they would be able to bolster the old lock and keep the door closed.

However, the reason it is in the 10th spot and not higher is due to its limited use. If your locks are already solid, this provides no extra protection and can be seen as a waste of money.

It is up to you if this suits your needs and what model you want, as some even stop people with a key from getting in. Either way, for us, this goes right into 10th.

9. Door Wedges

Next on the list, are door wedges in the 9th spot! The door stop alarms are interesting as they are regular door wedges that have been fitted with alarm systems that will go off if someone applies pressure to them.

Whilst this would definitely be the weakest option when it comes to holding a door closed, what it lacks in strength, it makes up for in noise. The ability for you to put this under a closed door at night and have it immediately rung and halt the perpetrator can be invaluable.

However, the reason it isn’t higher is due to its lack of functionality, doorstops are used to hold doors open, not closed. With this and the idea behind the alarm going off immediately scaring off the intruder, it would be hard for you to actually catch them. Thus, leave the burglar more time to plan for another burglary.

8. Security Glass

Security glass which is a mixture between glass and resin is in 8th place. This can be invaluable against criminals who are trying to physically break their way into your home, as they can be halted by a simple window. Security glass isn’t indestructible, and it could definitely be taken down by a determined enough individual. It will certainly slow their efforts.

Unfortunately, though security glass can be quite expensive. Assuming your home has an average of 8 windows with a diagonal of 36 inches each, it could cost up to £1,062 to completely fit all windows with security glass.

If you can justify the cost though, then there is definitely a lot of value you can get out of security glass.

7. Garage/Shed Alarm System

Up next in 7th place is a garage/shed alarm system.

This was a difficult one to place as it is definitely a necessary element of security for any house. Providing you actually have a garage or shed. These alarms are capable of detecting any kind of movement, including the door opening, the car moving and anything else, alerting you in those instances.

Whilst this can be very effective, it is only effective as it is useful, and with no garage or shed, these simply won’t provide the same value. It is difficult to rank it due to this discrepancy but as we are going for the overall value of the product to the average consumer, we felt spot 7 fit pretty well.

6. Window Alarms

Window alarms are next in 6th place. These are products we feel should realistically be in your home, provided you have the budget to accommodate them. These are alarm systems that detect any kind of motion around windows.

Due to windows being an attractive entrance for thieves and criminals, having a night invisible device on them that you can activate to detect movement is a very powerful deterrent. A staggering 23% of criminals use windows to enter a house.

There are many different types of window alarms out there so picking the one that works best with your security system is always our recommendation.

5. Motion-Activated Lights

Just in the top 5, we have motion-activated lights. With this being a part of most people’s houses as default, light is a surprisingly effective security deterrent for criminals.

Simply having a light turn on when motion is detected will be a powerful visual deterrent in its own right, but it also allows you to immediately see whoever it is that is trying to get into your property. The other advantages are the ease of setup, the relatively affordable options available, and the ability for any home to accommodate them in just as effective ways.

4. In-Ground Anchor

This is one that most people won’t think about, or at the very least, not as a security element, but having a concrete in-ground anchor can provide massive amounts of protection if they are used properly. Which is why they are in 4th place!

A solid anchor will be used to tie things up, and it gives people more options against thieves. They can be used to protect cars and other vehicles, lock up your home, and anchor any valuable equipment. The possibilities are endless! The only issue with these is the setup. As they can take a lot of effort and time to set up properly.  But once they are in place, they cannot easily be removed.

3. Security Cameras

In the 3rd spot is of course, is security cameras. They are the obvious choice of the bunch. Security cameras can provide an incredible amount of security, as they can allow you to see areas all over your house, at the touch of a button.

On top of this, a lot of cameras these days allow for audio to be both on the input and output. Allowing you to talk to people on the other side, be they criminals or otherwise.

2. All In One Security System

Now this one might be a bit of a cheat, but with the modern world comes modern solutions, and a lot of those look like all-in-one security systems.

These are by far the most cost-effective solution if you do require a universal security solution for your home. All-in-one security systems have many uses, as they can be used to monitor things like cameras and alarms. There are several different security systems that are offered by different companies, so doing your own research is important to optimising your security.

1. Standalone Safe

Finally, our top recommendation would be a standalone safe. This is something we believe everyone should have in their home. Having a safe guarantee for your valuables adds an extra layer of security. Especially for documents or other items that you wouldn’t want to lose but might not have much value to criminals such as old photo albums. You can now get safes that are disguised as other items, adding another layer of protection. There is always a lot of value to be had in a safe. And everyone has items they would rather not lose, even in the case of a fire or from any other hazard.

Well, that is our tier list of the top 13 security products. Of course, there are plenty more security products that could be helpful, and we implore you to do your own research. But you can use this list, as a jumping-off point to find what you want to implement in your own home. Let us know what you think should be changed in the comments down below!

To find even more safety tips have a read through our other articles, which are on our news page. Or feel free to watch our videos that contain safety tips, which are on our YouTube channel

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