10 Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security

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5th July 2021

benefits of mobile patrol security

Mobile Patrol Security Benefits

A mobile security patrol is when security guards are able to do multiple patrols around your property. The purpose of mobile patrolling is to add an extra layer of protection to your business against threats such as crime. They can also offer many businesses many benefits and give business owners a peace of mind. In this article, we will be discussing what are the 10 benefits of mobile patrol security.

1. Mobile Security Patrols Act As A Deterrent

Mobile security officers often wear uniforms and travel in marked cars, making them easily recognisable from a distance. This can act as a deterrent as those considering committing a crime can see that there is security present and are warned that they are more likely to get caught. This, in turn, puts them off from breaking the law. Mobile Security Patrols have in fact been found to reduce the number of break-ins, vandalism, and other types of crime experienced by businesses.

2. Mobile Security Patrols Focus On Detection

Some of the benefits of mobile security patrols are that they can detect any potential dangers towards a business. This could be accidental dangers such as fire, or criminal damage such as break-ins, vandalism, or theft. Mobile security patrols can monitor a larger area as they are constantly moving and can respond to any issues identified by alarms or CCTV, keeping premises safe and secure.

3. Mobile Security Patrols Offer High Levels Of Protection

In addition to detecting issues, mobile security patrols ensure that properties, goods, materials, equipment, and staff are protected. They are trained to identify dangers and react promptly to reduce their impact, keeping everyone safe.

4. Mobile Security Patrols Offer A Rapid Response

A security mobile patrol is often used in conjunction with other security methods such as CCTV or alarms. If security breaches or issues are identified through these other methods, mobile security patrols can offer a rapid response, quickly traveling to the exact location of the security breach. This is the advantage of mobile security patrols, as they can use their vehicles to get to the location faster than security personnel on foot – a time difference that can drastically limit the potential damage to the business.

5. Mobile Security Patrols Offer 24/7 Protection

Security companies can arrange for mobile security patrols to monitor premises during certain hours, or they can provide 24/7 protection. This gives business owners peace of mind and can ensure that all properties are safe and secure. Mobile security patrols will work on a shift basis so that patrols are alert and vigilant day and night.

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6. Mobile Security Patrols Cover A Wide Area/Multiple Locations

Mobile controls are not simply based in one area and therefore can patrol and protect multiple locations and buildings for the same company. Security officers can move around the area by car, bike, or foot meaning that they can move around quickly and keep an eye on different locations. This keeps all areas secure and allows them to access any areas quickly if they need to respond to an incident. Patrolling each area randomly means that the routine cannot be predicted by criminals, making it more difficult for them to target a business.

7. Mobile Security Patrols Complete A Range of Security Checks

In addition to providing regular mobile patrols, key holding, and responding to alarms, security firms can also provide a range of security checks to ensure that the buildings and locations they are protecting are as secure as possible. This could mean checking all doors and windows are secure or monitoring the perimeter to make sure that it cannot be breached. Additionally, security companies can also be contacted to install new security measures such as CCTV or check-in/check-out systems for staff.

8. Mobile Security Patrols Are Flexible

Security companies can personalise their security package to suit each individual business’s needs, allowing each company to tailor the security that they need. Mobile security patrols can undertake a number of tasks including driving around the perimeter of the properties, inspecting the area on foot, guarding employees, overseeing parking areas, responding to alarms or issues identified on CCTV, or securing entrances and exits.

9. Mobile Security Patrols Are Cost-Effective

Criminal damage and intruders to your premises can be a costly expense to business owners who need to pay to repair issues and replace any stolen items. A permanent security guard is a costly option however some type of security should still be considered. Mobile patrols are more cost-effective as business owners can work with security companies to decide how often the patrol, is and for how many hours per day, keeping costs down. Paying upfront for mobile security officers can reduce costs to repair criminal damage, therefore, saving money in the long run.

10. Mobile Security Patrols Give Business Owners Peace Of Mind

Business owners have enough to worry about without thinking about the security of their premises. Mobile Security Patrols take this burden away from them, ensuring that their property is secure and protected throughout the day and night, 24/7. Additionally, employees of the company are also given peace of mind that they are protected and kept safe and that they will be less likely to deal with criminal acts while at work. Mobile patrol officers can keep an eye on a larger area than static security officers, meaning that more can be covered and protected.

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