How to Complain About a Security Guard Incident
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19th July 2021

Security companies have strict guidelines for employees and train them fully to ensure that they know how to effectively approach a number of different situations, and while most security guards follow the rules and their training, there may be the odd instance where they do not. If you feel like a security guard has not behaved as they should, it is important to put in a complaint about them in order to ensure that they are held accountable. But with the conflicting information available online, it can be confusing to know who to complain to and how to submit a complaint. To help you out, we have collated a guide on how to complain.

How Do You Handle A Security Guard Situation?

If you are caught up in an incident with a security guard, it is important to stay calm and walk away where possible so as not to get involved in an altercation. If you believe that a security guard has acted inappropriately, it is important to try and take note of the security guards name, badge number or description so that you can make a complaint.

How Do I Write A Complaint Letter About Security Guard?

When writing a complaint letter about a security guard, it is important to remain factual and sincere, to get your complaint across without giving too much detail or repeating yourself too much. When starting the letter, make sure that you address who you are writing to – whether that be the head of the security firm or a business that hires that guard. 

When writing the letter, it is important to note the details of the complaint – including the date the incident happened, the name or a description of the security guard involved and a clear step by step description of what happened, including anything that was said or any actions by the security guard in question. It is also a good idea to include the impact that the security guard had on you and what you would like to be done as a consequence of this incident.

Make sure to give your contact details and full name, so the organisation that you are complaining to can respond to your complaint once they have completed their investigation or to contact you if they have any further questions.

Who To Complain To

There are four main ways that you can complain about security guards – to the Security Industry Authority (SIA), the security firm, the police or the business that has hired security guards.

If you, however, believe that a guard who is an SIA licence holder has acted out with the law, the SIA should be contacted as they actively want to know this. This information is used as evidence and is used to investigate the individual or individuals involved in accordance with the Private Security Industry Act (PSIA) 2001. Once the investigation has occurred, the SIA has the power to hand out enforcement actions if it feels that it is appropriate. Actions are communicated directly with the security staff involved, with the SIA not feeding back to the initial complainant. You can complain to the SIA by letter or through their website.

If a member of the public, however, believes that a guard has broken the law and caused harm to them through assault or abuse, they should contact the police, who can investigate the criminal offence through the British legal system.

If no crime has been committed, but you are still unhappy with the conduct of an individual security guard, then it is important to complain to the security company that employs them or the business that has hired them. Security companies have guidelines and standards that all employees must follow. If they are informed that a security guard has not met these, they will investigate and respond accordingly to ensure that their reputation stays intact and that they do not lose any important customers.

Why You Might Need to Complain

When reporting security staff or security companies to the Security Industry Authority (SIA), you will need to believe that they are either breaking the law and committing a crime, or they have staff working without a security licence.

Common crimes to look out for may include using a licence that is out of date, stolen or fake to imitate the credentials necessary to do the job, firms stating that they are on the Approved Contractor Scheme when they are not, individuals working when they may have had their licence already removed, or firms employing security guards who do not have a valid licence.

When it comes to complaining to the security company directly, this may be because you think that a security guard has not performed their job correctly, used too much force or acted inappropriately, which will reflect poorly on the organisation.

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