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Does your London Student Accommodation need security?


London has the most universities in the UK – it’s an academic hotspot. From Imperial College London to University College London, this city attracts dozens of students across the UK and even globally.

In fact, the London student accommodation market is the largest and most active in the country. 300,000 full-time students and 110,000 part-time students stay here. This means that there will be criminals looking for their next victim. Unfortunately, it could be another student, therefore having a security guard in place is important. 

There are many incidents where a university student in London gets attacked in their halls. This shouldn’t be happening. Our officers will ensure that strangers don’t enter the student accommodation and also look out for any anti-social behaviour inside. They’re also trained to identify and support students suffering from depression and stress.

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The roles of a Student Accommodation Security Guard in London


Students shouldn’t have to worry about crime happening in their student accommodation as it’s their second home, however, unfortunately, it’s not something we can escape. However, it is possible to prevent an incident early by having a security guard in place. We cannot emphasise more how important it’s to have one. These are some of their duties:

  • Prevent anti-social behaviour:  the trained security guards will be alert 24/7, especially paying attention overnight as that’s when most crime happens. Your students will be thankful to have someone who is friendly and approachable while also quick to prevent any dangerous situation from happening in and around the student accommodation!
  • Deal with/resolve any incidents: our London guards are experienced and so will be able to deal with any rough situation. Students often make mistakes related to their personal safety. Our officers will be there to advise them and ensure that they stay safe at all times.
  • Provide a safe environment: students go to university to learn and succeed, and crime shouldn’t stop them from their goals. Our security guards will look after everyone and ensure that there is an environment in which all of the London students can reach their full potential


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How Safe is London for Students?

London is generally safe compared to other major cities outside the UK, however, like anywhere else you should always take precautions no matter what – crime happens everywhere! This guide to staying safe in London is an important read.

Is London a Good Place to Live as a Student?

London can be intimidating, however, it’s a good place to live as a student because of the many opportunities. Some of the areas you might consider living in are: Bermondsey, Camden, Tower Bridge, Docklands, Richmond, Brixton, and Shoreditch

Is London Safe for Female Students?

Overall London is considered safe, even for women. Some of the safest areas in London are Richmond, Bexley, Kingston-upon-Thames, Sutton, and Harrow. If you are a female student, you might want to look for student accommodation there!

Where Do Rich Students Live in London?

The wealthiest international students in London live in Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and South Kensington

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