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Does Your London Office or Building need security?


London is the capital city of the UK and also a hubspot for businesses. Even when office pricing is rising, this city remains the most desirable in England and Wales. But that also means more crime. Office buildings are already targets of vandalism and break-ins. With them being so expensive in London, they’re even more attractive to criminals.

Will you have expensive computer equipment in your building? Then you definitely need our services as they could be stolen. Do you want your reception to look more professional? Then you must get a reception security guard who can ensure the safety of your guests, staff and the building. There are many more reasons why you need security!

Our security company in London are specialists in reception & building security. Our team has helped many businesses, therefore we are confident that we can provide you with the best security solution in London!

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The roles of a Reception & Building Security guard in London


We understand that as a business you have hundreds of things to worry about every single day. Vandalism, break-ins and anti-social behaviour are some of those problems, however there are ways to deal with them. Hiring a professional and reliable security guard from us is one of them! Here are some of their duties:

Represent your company: our London building security officers will ensure that your business is represented in a smart and presentable manner. While their main job is to deal with those that cause a threat, they’re also trained to be professional in a corporate environment. They understand that if they act poorly, they can ruin the company’s reputation

Ensuring safety at all times: our reception guards will put the safety of your visitors and staff in the first place. They’ll ensure that only the people who can, have the access to the building. This will be done in a polite way. They’ll warmly welcome everyone entering and exiting the building, while also watching out for any intruders.

Protect your equipment: as we’ve mentioned previously, most buildings have expensive things, such as computers. These are often important for you to do the job, hence why you must have somebody who can watch out for them. Well, our security officers can do that!


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How much office space is there in London?

There is a 21,092,000 square metres floorspace in total in inner London. While the cost is rising, London offices still remain the most desirable in the country.

How much does an office in London cost?

Offices in West End are the most expensive, costing £117.5 per square foot. This is followed by The City & Southbank which costs £72.5, Midtown £70 and finally £47.5 in Docklands. With them being so expensive, you can also expect a lot of crime!

Where are most of the offices in London?

The most popular neighbourhoods for office space in London are Shoreditch, London Bridge, Waterloo, Farringdon, and Soho.

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