Region Security Guarding Donates One Thousand Pounds

Written by regionadmin

30th November 2021

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Region Security Guarding Donates One Thousand Pounds

On November 26th Region Security Guarding donated one thousand pounds to the Mayor of Wolverhampton Charity Fund. That Friday, the Mayor of Wolverhampton, Greg Brackenridge made a visit to our office.

The Mayor of Wolverhampton’s Charitable Fund is a charity that raises funds throughout the year. Each year the Mayor will distribute the funds raised to his or her chosen charities. Over the past 10 years, Mayors have raised over £300,000 for various local charities

Wolves Foundation: educates & inspires local communities by creating opportunities and changing lives. They encourage healthier and more active people, and lifelong learning.

Alternative Giving CIO: do their best to help homeless and vulnerable people in Wolverhampton. They fundraise for all the different charities & agencies in Wolverhampton, with 100% of the funds going to them.

The Staffordshire Regiment Regimental Charity: they supply financial support for ex-service and serving soldiers of the Regiment. Also help with the maintenance of Regimental Museum.

We were delighted that the Mayor visited us, had a chat with us and took some photos. We will continue to support the charities of Wolverhampton and beyond.

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