Region Security Guarding Donates £500 To The Mayor’s Charitable Fund

Written by regionadmin

11th May 2023

meeting the mayor of wolverhampton

Region Security Donates To The Mayor’s Charitable Fund

During April, we donated £500 to the Mayor of Wolverhampton’s charitable fund which is a charity that raises funds throughout the year to support local charities.

Every year, the current mayor of Wolverhampton will decide which charities the funds will be distributed to, and over the past 10 years, different mayors of Wolverhampton have raised over £300,000 for a variety of local charities.

On the 26th of April, the current Mayor of Wolverhampton, Sandra Samuels, kindly visited our office and had a chat with us.

Some of the charities that have been supported through the Mayor’s Charitable Fund are:

ACCI Wolverhampton: this is a charity that provides supportive services for people who deal with mental health issues.

Compton Care Wolverhampton: this is a charity that supports people with incurable conditions and health problems.

Wolverhampton Sickle Cell Care And Activity Centre: this is a charity that raises awareness and supports people who suffer from sickle cells.

We were happy that the mayor decided to visit our office and have a chat with our staff. We will continue to support the local charities within Wolverhampton and beyond.

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