Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In Birmingham

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11th October 2022

Birmingham is one of the biggest and most populated cities in the UK with rich history and culture. Being one of the most visited cities in the UK, this can subsequently come with an increase in crime.

In this article, we will discover the top 10 most dangerous areas in Birmingham and overlook the crime rates of each area in Birmingham.

Is Birmingham A Dangerous City?

From the data collected from , it shows that Birmingham was voted the 7th safest postcode in the UK

This statistic is based on information gathered from around 32 different factors. This covers the number of cops in the area, crime rates per 1,000 people, the amount of CCTV cameras in the area, and resident safety.

Birmingham ranks low when it comes to CCTV surveillance, having only around 422 CCTV cameras. Many major cities have much bigger CCTV surveillance in operation.  With over 9.3 burglaries per 1000 people in Birmingham, it was also one of the most dangerous offences on the list.

Birmingham for its city size,  Birmingham doesn’t deploy as many police officers as you may think. It has over 6000 police officers which compared to other cities, is quite low.

According to crimerate, the most common crime is violence and sexual behaviour with a high number of 78,000 offences. The second most common crime with over 16,427 offences is public order behaviour and then anti-social behaviour comes in at third with over 16,273 offences

These crimes have the ability to disrupt businesses, stores, and commercial structures, necessitating increased security and protection.

The city’s bustling streets and nightlife are intrinsically tied to high levels of anti-social behaviour, with alcohol consumption accounting for the great majority of anti-social behaviour.

At the same time, criminal damage and burglary are on the rise in Birmingham, owing to the city’s increase in visitors, which has increased the odds of crimes being committed

Due to its population, Birmingham’s crime rates may look high in contrast to other cities in the UK; nevertheless, Birmingham, like any other city, has safe areas and more dangerous areas with higher crime levels.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In Birmingham

What Parts Of Birmingham Are Dangerous?

Gathering data from the Birmingham police, show the crime rates per neighborhood. 

Neighbourhoods Total Crimes Crime Rate
Central 5,383 642
North Central & Dartmouth Circus 3,938 269
Digbeth 3,204 431
Gravelly Hill & South Erdington 2,878 201
Bordesley 2,775 177
Handsworth South 2,332 200
Winson Green & Gib Heath 2,220 186
Birchfield East 2,195 205
Middlemore 2,120 195
Greet & Sparkhill South 2,074 133

The Statistics above show that central Birmingham has the most crimes making it the most dangerous area in Birmingham

This could highly be due to the area being highly populated by visitors and locals because there are more activites and days out in the centre


most dangerous places in Birmingham

What Crimes Happen The Most In Birmingham?

Looking at how big Birmingham is per square meter, it is just the 4th biggest city in the UK but still holds 2nd place in the most populated. There is plenty of crime in Birmingham as records show but we must overview what type of crime is occuring.

There is also the question of what area is dangerous. To get an idea of what makes something dangerous, we need to look at crimes that are likely to cause harm to others.  The findings alter if we only compare the 10 areas mentioned above.

Below are the results gathered from Birmingham police. The crimes are stated per 1000 people. As you can see, violence and sexual offences are way ahead of other crimes making it easily the biggest crime committed in Birmingham with a whopping 67 crimes per 1000 people.

Type of Crime Crime Rate (Per 1000 Residents)
Anti-Social Behaviour 14
Bicycle Theft 0.91
Burglary 8
Criminal Damage and Arson 11
Drugs 3.0
Other Crime 2.5
Other Theft 8
Possession of Weapons 2.4
Public Order 14
Robbery (inc. mugging) 3.5
Shoplifting 4.2
Theft From the Person (inc. pickpocketing) 1.6
Vehicle Crime 11
Violence and Sexual Offences 67



Birmingham gets a bad repuation but just like any other city, there will be more dangerous areas then others..

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