Coventry Crime Rate

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28th October 2020

Coventry Crime Rate

Coventry Crime

Coventry is a medieval city that was once considered part of Warwickshire, but in 1972, the Local Government Act integrated the city into the West Midlands. Widely known for its clock and watch manufacturing, Coventry was one of the main centres of watchmaking in England, and several thousand people were employed in the industry. As well as this, Coventry is believed to be the birthplace of St. George the dragon slayer and patron saint of England. But what is the Conventry crime rate really like? In this article, we discover all.

Is Coventry A Dangerous City?

Although Coventry has an interesting history, the city does not hold a positive reputation. In 2017, Coventry was named the most dangerous city in the United Kingdom and our research implies that crime has escalated by over 14%. If this is not shocking enough, Coventry is also considered the seventh most menacing city in Europe and was given this ranking by WorldAtlas, a group that ranks global demographic problems.

Coventry Crime Rate

It is clear to say that Coventry has had its fair share of violent crime. According to, over 27,000 cases were reported between September 2019 and August 2020. Deplorably, violence totals almost 33% of crimes in the city and this figure appears to be increasing. As mentioned before, Coventry was named the seventh most hostile city in Europe, based on the probability of being harassed, insulted, or solicited by locals. The district has a population of over 425,566 people and with a crime rate of 34 felonies per 1000 people, it is no surprise that residents may fear for their safety

Anti-social behaviour is another issue that plagues Coventry, equating to an estimated 30% of all cases. However, theft from another person has decreased by 32.1%, and criminal damage and arson crime have dropped by 12.6%. These statistics may reassure you, but the numbers are still relatively high compared to the national average.

is coventry safe at night

Is Coventry Safe To Visit?

A common question asked about Conventry is it safe to visit? Coventry can be seen as a safe place to visit as it attracts many tourists. However, whenever you are visiting any city it is always important to take safety precautions.

Bad Areas Of Coventry

Like all places, Coventry will have some rougher and bad areas. Currently, the top 3 of the worst areas in Convetry are:

  • Central Coventry (which had 2,000 crimes committed last year).
  • Clifford Park (which currently has a crime rate of 103 offences per 1,000 people).
  • Willenhall (that has a crime rate of 100 crimes committed per 1,000 people).

How Have The Police Dealt With The Crime In Coventry?

In 2019, the HMICFRS gave West Midlands Police a thorough inspection and examined the force’s ability in keeping residents safe and their effectiveness in reducing all crime.  Overall, the results indicated that the extent to which the force is effective at reducing crime and keeping people safe is good, and police officers are well informed about the causes and signs of vulnerability.

Regardless, there are concerns about the force’s crime recording and how the force responds to its current demand of calls; control room supervision needs to improve and procedures must be put in place to ensure backlogs in response to calls do not build up.

In response to this, West Midlands Police stated that “serious violence, particularly affecting young people, has increased significantly in 2018/19, and the area faces some of the most significant terrorism and extremism challenges in the country, with significant risk from organized crime. The force is working with partner agencies to address the vulnerability and exploitation resulting from this. The force has strong values of fairness, leadership and legitimacy to maintain its ambition to prevent crime, protect the public and help those in need.


In conclusion, it does appear that Coventry has struggled with problems surrounding criminal activity. Sadly, these statistics continue to rise, and residents have every right to worry about their wellbeing. Thankfully, West Midlands Police are trying their very best to deter crime and keep all issues under control.

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