How Safe is Birmingham?

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1st November 2022

Birmingham has received a bad reputation for crime in the last few years. With a large population of 1,100,000 and the 2nd biggest in the UK, Birmingham has over time become the cultural capital of the country.

Birmingham was recently voted the most dangerous major city in the West Midlands but does this make Birmingham a dangerous city to live in? Is it a safe city for travellers? In this article, we will be overlooking Birmingham’s current crime rate and reflecting on whether it is a safe city to live in or travel to.

How Dangerous Is Birmingham?

Many people would say Birmingham is a dangerous city to reside in. It is, however, difficult to establish how dangerous a location is since various aspects have to be considered. I would say yes, it is a dangerous city judging by the number of crimes reported. But what is Birmingham’s current crime rate?

We will now compare the city’s statistics to those of other places in the UK to give you an idea of how dangerous Birmingham is. So, let’s look at some crime statistics.

How Safe is Birmingham

Does Birmingham Have A High Crime Rate?

When compared to the national average, Birmingham has a rather high crime rate. According to plumplot, it has over 130% crimes of the national crime rate, which means it has much more crimes reported the most cities in the UK and Wales. 

What Is The Current Crime Rate In Birmingham?

Birmingham has had one of the highest crime rates in the UK in recent years. According to crimerate, Birmingham has a crime rate of 137 crimes per 1000 people which is much more than the national average.

Comparing this to cities like Leicester and Liverpool which have a bad reputation for crime, Birmingham actually ranks higher in the average number of crimes committed than these by far. Liverpool reports around 127 crimes per 1000 people, whereas Leicester reports 112 crimes per 1000 people which doesn’t look good for Birmingham.

By far the most reported crime in Birmingham was violence and sexual crimes with a reported 78000 crimes and then followed in the second with anti-social behaviour with over 16272 crimes.

what is the current crime rate in birmingham

So, Is Birmingham A Dangerous Place To Live?

Our conclusion, based on the data we have acquired, is that Birmingham is a dangerous city. As anti-social behaviour and violence and sexual crimes have a high number of crimes reported, you would have to say Birmingham is dangerous because these crimes can massively impact individuals coming into the city

However, most crimes occur in the city due to it being heavily populated and where the majority of urban areas are and in most major cities, this is where crime occurs the most. 

Are There Safe Areas in Birmingham To Live?

Of course, just like any city in the UK, there are dangerous areas and also safe areas for people to live in. The safest places are typically found outside of the city centre, where there is a lower population size.

Wythall & Gay Hill and Yardley Wood East were voted the safest neighbourhoods to live in Birmingham, with an average of 50 crimes per 1000 people. 

Birmingham’s Worst Places To Live

Like every large city, certain places have a bad reputation while others have a great one. Central Birmingham was voted the worst area to live in with over 5300 crimes reported in the year 2021. If you want to check out what are the dangerous areas in Birmingham then check out our article ‘The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Birmingham’ 


Birmingham does have several high-crime neighbourhoods that are considered to be unsafe and dangerous, especially at night when crime rates spike. There are, however, parts of Birmingham that are extremely charming and great places for families to live. Birmingham is ranked as a dangerous city but there are areas that are safe and it is suggested that you check the most recent and pertinent crime statistics if you are thinking about relocating to or visiting the area.

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