What Does An Airport Security Officer Do?

Written by Holly Savage

14th June 2022

A key aspect of airport security is security guards, as their role is to help keep passengers and employees safe whilst they are working and travelling at an airport. But what does an airport security officer do exactly?

We will be discussing this and more such as, what requirements are needed to become a security officer at the airport, how much airport security guards get paid, and the different types of airport security duties and responsibilities that a guard may have.

What Is An Airport Security Guard?

To put it simply, an airport security worker is a security officer who works within an airport and helps to keep it safe. They do this by helping to run all security and safety producers within an airport.

An airport security officer is a small role within airport security, as there are many other roles such as an aviation security officer, an airport security manager, an airport security supervisor, and an airport security operations manager.

What Is The Role Of A Security Officer In An Airport?

The main role of a flight security officer is to protect the security within an airport and make sure that all passengers feel welcome and safe whilst they are travelling.

Airport security guards are able to do this by conducting hand searches of cabin luggage and by doing body searches of passengers to check for any unrestricted items. Another role of an airport security officer will be to reduce crime at an airport, which they are able to do by acting as a visual deterrent against security threats such as thieves and terrorists.

what does an airport security officer do

What Does An Airport Security Officer Do?

Airport security officers will have many tasks and duties. We have listed some of the most popular airport security officer duties and responsibilities.

  • To ensure that all guests and passengers feel welcome whilst they are travelling.
  • To maintain a log of any incidents that have happened, which can then be reported to an airport security manager or supervisor.
  • Check all employee’s ID cards and passenger boarding cards before they enter a security area.
  • To do routine patrols around terminals and throughout the airport.
  • To ensure the safety of all passengers and employees.
  • To conduct body searches, e.g., pat-downs of passengers.
  • To conduct luggage searches, e.g., by reviewing if people’s hand or cabin luggage has any unrestricted or prohibited items.
  • To operate high-tech security equipment such as body scanners and X-ray machines.
  • To comply with all security produces and requirements.
  • To assist with any and all emergency situations.
  • To oversee control access within restricted areas of the airport.


How Much Does An Airport Security Guard Make?

According to Jobted, in the UK an airport security guard’s salary is on average around £24,100 per year. However, how much a guard makes will depend on how much experience they have and what entry-level position they are applying for. The yearly starting salary for an airport security officer is around £17,400 while a higher-position salary can offer up to £35,000 per year.

airport security officer

How To Become A Security Guard At An Airport

To become an airport security officer in the UK there are a few requirements that you will need to pass. Some of these are:


  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Being a UK citizen or having the right to work in the UK.
  • Passing enhanced background checks such as a criminal record check and mental health check.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Work In Airport Security?

You don’t need any specific education qualifications to work in airport security as an airport security officer. Instead, you are only expected to have a good level of basic education and you will need security qualifications such as having an SIA security guard licence.

airport security guard

How Long Is Airport Security Training?

Before security guards can work in an airport, they will need to pass airport security training. And many people wonder how long the training takes. Honestly, there is no exact answer for how long this training will take as it will depend on the rules and regulations of the airport that they are working in. Some airport security training may only take five days while others may take up to four weeks.

What Makes A Good Airport Security Officer?

To become a good airport security officer, there are a variety of different skills that you will need. We have listed these in more detail.


  • Airport security guards will be expected to have good communication skills, as they will directly work with other staff members and passengers.
  • Airport security officers will often have to help passengers or customers with any enquiries they may have, so they will be expected to have good customer service skills.
  • Being able to pay attention to detail is another essential skill that guards need, as security guards who work in airports will often be on the lookout for criminal activity.
  • Having good note-taking skills.
  • As airport security officers will often work in teams it is important that you have good teamwork skills.
  • It is also important that airport guards are also able to work independently.
  • Working in an airport can sometimes be stressful, so it is important that you are patient and that you can work well under pressure.
  • To have a good knowledge of public safety and security.
  • Having a good memory.
  • Airport security guards will often work a variety of different shifts, so it is important that you are flexible.
airport security worker

Do Airport Security Guards Carry Guns?

A common question asked about airport security is whether they are allowed to carry guns or not. This will normally depend on the laws of the country that the guard is operating in. For example, in the UK airport security officers won’t be allowed to carry guns due to the UK’s strong laws against using and carrying firearms.

What’s It Like To Work In Airport Security?

It can be quite interesting to work within airport security due to airports being a quite fast-paced environment. Airports are often filled with people commuting or going on holiday, so they are always busy. So, this means it is never a dull day for a security guard as they will have many different tasks and responsibilities to oversee.

However, as airports are busy this can cause them to sometimes become unpredictable. Airports are sometimes a key hotspot for criminal activity such as terrorist attacks or violent crimes – so this means security guards need to have good patience and alert skills. Although it can be interesting to work within airport security, it can sometimes be quite stressful for guards due to the unpredictability and busyness of airports.

what does an airport security guard do

So, What Does An Airport Security Officer Do?

Overall, there are many different duties and tasks that airport security officers will have, ranging from providing good customer service to being on the lookout for criminal activity. However, the main responsibility that airport guards will have is providing ultimate protection to all workers and customers at the airport.

If you’re interested in learning more about security guards, why not take a browse through our blog? Where you can find the latest security guard articles on what a university security guard does, and what car park security really is.

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